Saturday, 7 May 2016

Grounded Coffee Body and Face Scrub

Grounded Coconut Body Scrub - £15.00
Grounded Coconut & Lime Face Scrub - £8.95

If you've read my blog for a while, you'll know I swear by coffee scrubs! I have always made my own, read here to find out how. The only nuisance is, is that home made scrubs are prone to getting mouldy when kept in the bathroom and most of it goes to waste.

I had first discovered Grounded when I saw the brand's pitch on BBC's Dragons Den and I'll be honest, as much as I liked the product I thought I was better off making my own but with the trouble of maintaining my self made scrubs curiosity got the better of me. I'd noticed Grounded making an appearance in Boots stores and I was intrigued by the variety of the range. After some thought I decided to treat myself and place and order for one body scrub and a facial scrub - both coconut obviously!

Since my purchase, I have absolutely loved these products and it's reassuring to know that they will stay fresh over time. The face scrub has been a dream, I use this twice a week as an exfoliant mask and I have noticed my skin has become baby soft and breakouts have cleared faster than usual. I like to use the body scrub on the back of my legs to tackle cellulite and to buff my body all over to prepare my skin before tanning. The fragrance of the scrubs isn't over powering and I admire how much natural ingredients goes into them. These do make a little bit of a mess in the bath and shower, so be prepared - but it's so worth it!

Will you #GetGrounded?

Tamara x