Saturday, 9 April 2016

No7 Airbrush Away Colour Balancing Primer

No7 Airbrush Away Colour Balancing Primer - £16.99

Before I went on holiday I was going through a really bad spell with my skin. I was breaking out, my skin was looking bleak and uneven in tone. I wanted to avoid wearing make up whilst I was away, to let my skin breathe and to get some much need colour on my cheeks but I was so self conscious of the state of my skin without coverage. 

On a journey into work I had noticed a woman applying her make up on the tube and she whipped out a No.7 product that really caught my attention. Before foundation she applied it to her skin, it was green in colour however once blended it balanced out her skin tone effortlessly. I consulted with a No.7 representative at Boots and she suggested it was most likely the No7 Airbrush Away Colour Balancing Primer. It was a little on the pricey side but since I had seen the results it could give I was keen to invest.

Unfortunately for me this has been a huge disappointment and a purchase I instantly regretted. This primer just hasn't performed as I expected and makes very little improvement to the appearance of my skin. I was hoping my skin would appear noticeably even in tone as I had seen but I can't really say anything positive about this product. As the packaging was different there may be a chance that the formulation may have also changed but I can't be sure. I'm quite gutted this hasn't proved to be a skin marvel as something I often struggle with is redness and blemishes.

Tamara x