Thursday, 14 January 2016

Hair Myths - Do's & Don'ts #MRLoveMyHair

1. DO have regular trims to rid split ends and prevent breakage. It is said trimming your hair often will make it grow faster which is a misconception, the fact is that your hair will appear much healthier for longer.

2. DON'T keep your hair in a tight high top bun! Although it is a popular go to hair style the reality is that it may be causing more harm than good. Taking the hair up too high and too tight strains the scalp which tugs on the strands and can lead to hair loss.

3. Do use heat protection when styling. It's important to protect your hair from excessive damage caused by straighteners, curling irons and blow drying. To avoid frying your hair use a heat protection spray or serum to shield the strands from high temperatures.

4. DON'T tie your hair up with metal banded hair ties! Hair strands can easily catch on the metal causing them to tear and become brittle, instead use seamless bands or soft scrunchies.

5. DO have breaks between washes. Washing the hair too often rids the hair of it's natural oils leaving it dry and ultimately causes frizziness. Daily washing also strips dye out of coloured hair making it appear dull.

6. DON'T brush your hair 100 strokes a day! Over brushing weakens hair and pulls out hair from the follicle. Strands will become more prone to snapping and therefore you should only brush to style your barnet.

7. DO use shampoo only the roots and conditioner only on the ends. Shampooing the hair right through can dry out the ends so try to focus on the scalp, meanwhile conditioner can often leave roots feeling greasy and the overall texture of the hair falls flat.

8. DO use a purple toner on bleached hair to banish brassiness and to enhance the colour of your hair. To find your perfect hair colour take this simple test and Madison Reed will give you the best advise from hair colour experts.

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Tamara x