Thursday, 31 December 2015

2015 Health and Beauty Resolutions - Update

1. Let those brows grow!
At the start of the year I was determined to sort my brows out as they didn't have much shape to them and were far too over plucked. I now have brows to be proud of, they're much fuller and have a stronger arch to them.

2. Drink more water and stick to it
I've never struggled too much with drinking water but throughout the year I have tried to keep it more consistent, even if that means bringing a small bottle with me out and about shopping. I get dehydrated rather quickly so I often need to quench my thirst throughout the day and so I do make an effort to drink at least 6-8 glasses a day.

3. Give my hair more TLC
I'm still getting balayage so unfortunately my hair continues to be rather dry at times but I have found that I am heat styling it less often. I do however, need to make more effort with deep conditioning and using treatment masks to revive my locks.

4. Stay on top of my dental health
I have reduced my sugar intake this year and I'd like to think it's doing my teeth some good. I'm overdue a dental check up and admittedly I haven't thought to sort that out - not good.

5. Keep on dancing
After over a year of classes I'm still dancing away! It's my favourite night of the week and it's been keeping me super fit all 2015. I started warming up to the advanced class although I'm not quite 100% there yet. My teacher has said she really wants me to perform but it takes a lot of commitment and spare time..

6. Moisturise head to toe
I must be honest, this has been the resolution I have paid least attention to especially this Winter. I found it was so much easier to do in the Summer compared to the colder months when it's far too chilly to take time out to moisturise. I have suffered the consequence of dry legs and my skin doesn't feel as soft as it could be so in the New Year I do really need to stick to it.

7. Watch those eating habits
My diet has been balanced all year round and even though I eat out quite often, I don't find that I overindulge. I'm only human so I will treat myself now and then. This year I have taken a strong liking to authentic Asian cuisines such as Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese which consists of a lot of vegetables and spices. I also love to make green juices and drink mint tea to help keep my digestion in check.

Have you kept to your 2015 resolutions?

Tamara x