Monday, 2 November 2015

Kassandra Lauren Gordon - Fly Me To Jupiter

Last week I attended the showcase of, independent jewellery designer-maker, Kassandra Lauren Gordon's new 'Fly me to Jupiter' collection. This stunning selection of pendants, rings, bangles and earrings display Gordon's vision of Space as a symbol of boldness, new experiences and self-acceptance. The pieces have unique spherical and angular designs which are certainly out of this world. Kassandra has used Fairtrade gold, eco-gold and recycled silver for many items in this collection complimented with beautiful gemstones.

Gordon's ethos is to help women express themselves and feel more empowering, with the intention that wearing this collection will give character and create a statement. Many pieces of the collection have been named after inspiring female scientists such as cosmologist Jocelyn Bell Burnell.

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Tamara x