Thursday, 22 October 2015

Boots Botanics Facial Brush

Boots Botanics Facial Brush - £6 £1

This is a little something I picked up whilst browsing in Boots, it was actually reduced down to just one pound so of course I couldn't pass a bargain. This is the Boots Botanics Facial Brush which aims to give the skin a deep cleanse. It has soft bristles and can be used with any cleansing product. Initially I though this was a great tool to incorporate into my skin care routine, much like my Clinique Sonic System it creates a lovely lather and it isn't harsh on my skin. The size of the brush allows me to focus on specific areas of the face such as the chin and nose to tackle blocked pores. 

For the first few uses I was pleased with how clean my skin was feeling and it definitely felt intensely exfoliated. Unfortunately I have since noticed spots appearing more than usual and I can't seem to stop breaking out! I assumed the brush was to blame and I would just have to ride it out until my skin adapts but to avoid risk of further irritation I have decided to ditch it completely. The skin around my nose has also become rather dry and has made applying foundation slightly tedious. If you have sensitive skin like myself, I would stay clear of this brush as you may encounter similar problems.

Tamara x