Monday, 28 September 2015

Micro Cell Nail Repair

*PR sample

For years I battled with my nail biting habit and now that I have kicked it, I always strive to keep them looking they're best. I seem to go through phases of liking my nails long, then short, then long...well you get the idea..but regardless of their length they still seem to be prone to breaking. A couple of months ago I came across the Micro Cell Nail Repair polish, developed for brittle nails in need of strengthening. 

I apply this onto unpolished nails or use it as a base coat if I wish to wear colour. It's clear in colour and dries extremely quick which is great if you're in a hurry. Within a fortnight I had noticed my nails were stronger than ever and despite so many encounters where they would have split they stayed in tact! My nails managed to grow significantly long and look really healthy, I have however been recently forgetful at applying the polish and my nails have definitely suffered. I'd recommend this to anyone with weak nails as it gives genuine results that'll make you want to get your claws out!

Tamara x