Friday, 28 August 2015

How I Wash My Make Up Brushes

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I try to clean my make up brushes at least once a month to rid any excess make up, dirt and oils that have built up over the weeks. Usually I'll use hand soap or shampoo but recently I have been introduced to the Barbara Hoffman Special Soap for cosmetic brushes. This is so easy easy to use and makes the task less of a chore!

First, I run each brush under hot water and then buff them into the soap until it creates a soft lather. Immediately I can see excess make up lifting from the bristles and the reality of how much of it has sat within the brush. The soap rinses out incredibly well without leaving residue which I often find happens with shampoos. In a matter of minutes they're thoroughly washed and feel good as new.

I set my squeaky clean brushes aside to air dry until they are ready for a fresh use. Is it time you cleaned your brushes?

This product is available to purchase for just £6.95 on Beauty Crowd.

Tamara x