Friday, 17 July 2015

Summer Ready Legs with Veet Natural Inspirations

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Now that Summer is in full swing it is no surprise that us girls are all striving for the perfect pins and to look our best. Hair removal can be a tedious task this time of year, we're baring our legs more so than usual and eagerly de-fuzzing ready to jet off on our holidays and to strut our stuff in the sunshine. For my hair removal routine I have always chosen to shave as I find waxing too painful and have not got the courage to epilate, however using razors so often causes razor burn and in-grown hairs which gives me great discomfort. This Summer I have discovered the perfect product to maintain hair free legs between shaving without the fuss!

For years Veet has developed quick and pain free ways to rid unwanted body hair and has recently introduced the new dermatologically tested 'Natural Inspirations' range of wax strips, roll on kit and hair removal cream formulated with natural ingredients. I have been using the Veet Natural Inspirations Hair Removal Cream for sensitive skin and it has been a pleasure to use. Made with Grape Seed oil it is extremely nourishing on the skin and has a fresh, fruity scent. In just three simple steps, hair is removed and legs appear instantly smoother.

Step 1. To apply the cream use the curved side of the spatula provided, spreading it evenly over the areas you wish to remove hair. Leave for 5-10 minutes..

Step 2. Using the opposite side of the spectacular, remove the cream along with the excess hair.

Step 3. Rinse off any left over cream with water and pat the skin dry with a towel. 

As you can see application is super easy and won't leave your bathroom a mess. The Natural Inspirations Hair Removal Cream removes hair so close to the root even if it's short which is great for me as I find my leg hair regrows very quickly. The softening properties of the product ensure that my legs don't feel dry after each use and I don't require a follow up of moisturiser. 

Discover how you can get Summer ready legs with Veet and find out how to maintain soft, hair free skin with 'How To' guides online. You can also explore the selection of hair removal creams available to suit your personal needs.

Tamara x