Monday, 13 July 2015

Nanokeratin System BeFri Brush

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When it comes to caring for my hair there is one thing I have been ignoring and that is the quality of my hair brush. I'm very cautious of how I treat my hair, I make as much effort as I can to thoroughly condition it and I try my best to protect it from heat damage but it never really occurred to me how my current hairbrush could be doing more wrong than good.

Nanokertain System specialises in professional hair care and hair technology, creating innovative ways to treat and repair hair. They are launching this new kinematic 'BeFri Brush' which has been developed to improve the health of your hair whilst giving it a smoother appearance. The unique design of the brush allows it to comb through with ease, loosening tangles without pulling on knots. This product claims to condition the hair as you use it to give locks glossy and soft. 

I have very long hair and that does come with the burden of split ends and knotted strands which can be a nightmare to comb out especially with the bleached areas of my hair. Initially I thought there was no way this brush would work for me but I was certainly mistaken! This brush is incredible, after my first use I was completely amazed at how it performed and it has completely changed my perspective of hair brushes.

The 8 free-moving arms of the brush are connected to 142 super-flexible and anti-static bristles to help keep the hair looking sleek and frizz free. The overall structure is perfect for blow drying as it allows hot hair to vent through to the roots making it faster for the hair to dry. To use the product effectively it needs to be used both vertically and horizontally and can be used on both dry and wet hair. It's super light weight and is a breakthrough in hair care!

The BeFri brush sells at £19.99 and will be stocked on:

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Tamara x