Thursday, 11 June 2015

InstaNatural Vitamin C Facial Toner

*PR sample

Recently I was offered the chance to test out this Vitamin C toner from InstaNatural, a natural and organic skincare company based in Florida. When it comes to skincare the more natural the better so I was really keen to give this toner a go. This product claims to purify the skin and reduce the size of pores whilst restoring the natural PH levels of your face. I have been using this over the past fortnight and here are my thoughts..

After each application my skin feels instantly refreshed and hydrated. The spray gives a cooling sensation which has been really lovely in the warmer weather we've had this month. As a toner it doesn't leave my face feeling dry or too tight and I have noticed a slight radiance developing in my skin. My skin tone has appeared much more even and breakouts have been minimal however I'm not 100% sure that is solely due to using this product.

I was slightly thrown off by the scent of the product, as this is a Vitamin C enriched toner I assumed it would have a zesty, citrus smell to it but instead has a strong odour of witch hazel and reminds me too much of Mosquito repellent! I also found that the spray doesn't dispense evenly over the face so it does take a few pumps for a good application.

Overall this has been pleasant to use however I don't think I would invest in it myself as it is honestly over priced at £17.95*. This is a great example of natural skincare and although it has it's cons it performs as it promises.

If you're at all interested in trying this toner for yourself, it is available to purchase on Amazon.

Tamara x