Saturday, 13 June 2015

How to: DIY Coffee Body Scrub

We all get told to embrace our natural flaws but one thing that I can't tolerate is the appearance of cellulite. I have suffered with cellulite from my late teens and have since battled with it due to my yo yo weight gain/loss. For the past two or so years I have managed to maintain a healthy weight, a sensible diet and for a good while my cellulite had dramatically reduced. However recently I have noticed it creeping back, this is because despite looking after my body on the inside I have neglected taking care of the outside. 

My holy grail anti-cellulite product has always been Nivea's Q10 Plus Goodbye Cellulite Gel-Cream, it works wonders and I have repurchased it over and over. Mine has sadly run out and I haven't got round to replacing it and was curious as to whether I could create an alternative, at-home treatment for the meantime. I searched online for natural ways to reduce cellulite and came across a recommendation from one of my favourite fitness gurus Jillian Michaels. She suggests to save the grounds from your morning coffee and use as a scrub after dry brushing the legs. This is claimed to tighten the skin whilst providing antioxidants. I am aware that the Frank Body coffee scrub has been a hit with fellow beauty bloggers but why not save the investment and make some yourself? 

Each morning for the past week I have kept the used grounds from my cafetiere, to apply onto my skin in the evening when I have my bath. The texture of the grounds is very dense so I would recommend to wear an exfoliating glove or mitt to ease the process as without one your hands will feel uncomfortably tingly. When using I focus on my problem areas, which for me are the back of my legs, inner thighs and bottom (TMI). Although this isn't the most appealing treatment visually it does leave the bathroom smelling like a coffee shop and just as a disclaimer, this is definitely the messiest scrub I have used so be prepared if you plan to try this yourself! 

After a week trailing this treatment I must say I am quite impressed. Compared to last week I have noticed the back of my legs look firmer and less dimpled. I think this is a great at home daily treatment and well worth doing. Honestly I don't think I can completely rid the burden of cellulite but if I continue to take care of my body from the inside out, then that's the best I can do!

Tamara x