Monday, 27 April 2015

How To: Fishtail Braid

1. Start by choosing which side you want your braid to fall from, if you have a side fringe like me I'd suggest to braid the hair in the opposite direction to the way your fringe sits across your face. I like to tie my hair at the top of the braid and to have my hair wet as I find it easier to style.

2. Split the hair into two even sections, brush through to rid any knots and to ensure a sleek finish.

3. Take a small section from the back of one side and bring it across and over the top of the other.

4. Repeat Step 3 but now from the opposite side.

5. Soon you will see the Fishtail braid come into place.

6. Continue to braid, for those with long hair this does take some patience but it's worth it!

7. Once you are happy with the length of your Fishtail, tie the end with a thin hair band to keep it all in place.

8. Grab your hair-dryer and begin to rough dry the braid, if you wish you can gently loosen sections of the braid for a messy, boho inspired look.

This is one of my favourite hair styles for Spring/Summer, it's so versatile to wear day to night and for any occasion . If you follow this step by step 'How To' tweet me a photo! @Beauty_Blah

Tamara x