Friday, 27 March 2015

Juice PLUS+ Update

Hi everyone here's another update from my mum, a Juice PLUS+ representative!

Believe it or not Spring has sprung and before you know it you'll be rummaging through your Summer wardrobe. JuicePlus+ is not only protein packed shakes that can be whizzed into such yummyness as my Ginger and Kiwi Zinger but is filling and an ideal meal replacement. Additionally for those you haven't been that good with your five a day over the winter months JuicePlus+ have a range of capsules power-charged with fruit and vegetable nutrition to give you great skin, hair and nails in time to look totally glamorous during the long Summer days.

Order from me today



1 scoop Juice PLUS+ Complete Vanilla
2 Kiwi fruits
Pinch of ginger