Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Health & Beauty Resolutions

1. Let those brows grow!
By the end of 2014 I made it a personal mission to sort my brows out. I've never mastered how to shape them nor have I learnt to put the tweezers down. It's been a good month and I'm already noticing a huge difference so hopefully I will no longer have to envy the brows of others.

2. Drink more water and stick to it
It's a resolution on everyone's list and I wouldn't say I'm terrible at drinking water but I'm still not reaching my 8 glasses a day. Aside from my morning cup of coffee and my afternoon cuppa, I drink water throughout the day but not quite as much as I think I could be consuming,

3. Give my hair more TLC
My long locks get a frequent trim but I have neglected it's need for deep conditioning treatments. As I regularly bleach and heat style my hair it has got much dryer and at times can appear rather fluffy, from now on I must make more effort to apply hair oils such as argan and coconut to revive it.

4. Stay on top of my dental health
Last year I had a much overdue visit to the dentist and although everything was fine with my fangs, I have since felt very conscience about my dental health. I want to avoid having too much sugar in my diet and keep caffeinated drinks to a minimum.

5. Keep on dancing
In July of last year I took up a dance class and have stuck with it weekly through to the end of the year. I want to commit to it even more in 2015 and I'm currently contemplating on whether to train for a performance show in the Summer...eek!

6. Moisturise head to toe
All Summer I made it a priority to moisturise my body, not only to maintain my natural tan but to keep my skin feeling nourished after a day in the sun. Since the cold weather rolled in, my efforts to slather on lotion seemed to drift and I want to get back into the routine.

7. Watch those eating habits
Over the past 6 months I've noticed my stomach can be quite sensitive when it comes to over indulging and greasy foods. I'm learning what foods don't agree with me and what portion sizes I need to stick with to avoid bloating and discomfort.

What are your health and beauty resolutions?

Tamara x