Saturday, 17 January 2015

Clinique Sonic System Brush

Clinique Sonic System Brush - £79.99

Last year, Christmas came early for me when I won a Clinique Twitter competition and received this very generous prize. This is the Sonic System Brush, developed by dermatologists to remove impurities from the skin to leave it looking clearer and healthier. The unique design of the brush targets different areas of the face to ensure a deep clean for problem areas such as the chin, forehead and nose.

I have always wanted to try a facial cleansing brush but had not yet ever invested in one, the Clarisonic has been on my wish list forever and this new product launch from Clinique was just as tempting. I previously enquired about the Sonic System brush in store and I was instantly intrigued by the concept, however I was still undecided on whether to spend such a significant amount of money on something that may or may not benefit me in the long run. On a whim, I entered a Twitter competition ran by Clinique and I was over the moon to hear I had won the brush.

Once I finally got my hands on it, I was eager to give it a go! Before using it, I washed my face as normal to remove my make up and then applied my cleanser of choice. To use the brush, you must wet the bristles to allow them to soften and to avoid any discomfort. Then, in circular motions I simply massage my skin with the brush for 30 seconds for each half of my face. The white bristles are targeted to use on the cheeks whilst the green are to cleanse the T-zone.

I found the brush straight forward to use and fuss free. My skin is left delightfully soft after each use and I do feel my skin has had a thorough cleanse. However, I can't say there has been a dramatic difference in my skin's appearance, solely down to the brush. The condition of my skin has generally improved over the past 6 months due to improvements in my everyday skincare routine so I'm not certain of how much this product has contributed to that. The only thing I would criticise is the softness of the bristles, once moisture begins to lessen, the brush quickly feels rough on the face so I find I need to repeatedly dampen it.

Overall it has been a pleasure to try this product for myself, it's easy to use and conveniently compact. This brush is also fantastic for travel as it uses a docking system for re-charging. As grateful as I am to have received this product I must admit it is a little over priced for what it delivers and to replace the brush head will cost you a further £20.

Have you tried the Sonic System brush?

Tamara x