Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Halloween at LUSH

(Left to Right)
Wizard bubble bar - £3.25
Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar - £3.50
Lord of Misrule bath bomb - £3.50

I think we all get a little excited when it's that time of year when Lush gets all festive, ready for Halloween and Christmas. I certainly was and I decided to pick up a few spooky treats while I could. Throughout the month I have enjoyed using these three bath time terrors and I really wish I had picked up more as they are limited availability until the 31st. 

'Wizard' was certainly a wise choice, this is a lovely bubble bar that crumbles so effortlessly under the tap. It gives bath water a vibrant purple tint with a touch of shimmer and of course a lot of bubbles! Infused with Ylang Ylang, Juniperberry and tangerine oil, this was a real delight. The 'Sparkly Pumpkin' was my least favourite of the three, although I couldn't take my eyes of it's golden wonderfulness, the overpowering citrus scent wasn't really my cup of tea. I also found this bubble bar much harder to crumble and chunks of the product remained in the bath. However, I wouldn't knock it entirely, it releases a fresh aroma and gives the water a tinged sparkle but I wouldn't repurchase this for myself. Finally, my absolute favourite of the bunch, 'Lord of Misrule'. I love a good old bath bomb and this one really took me by surprise. I immediately fell for the scent of vanilla and Patchouli which are just made for each other. Initially I thought this would give me a Hulk green bath until the bomb bursts from within, revealing a wine centre - I also was not expecting the popping candy! 

You only have over a week to grab these Halloween treats, don't miss out!

Tamara x