Saturday, 27 September 2014

A/W TK Maxx Beauty Finds

Burberry Iconic Nail Colour - £15 £7.99
Rituals Duo Eye Shadow - £17.50 £4.99

TK Maxx has always been my go to for discounted beauty. Recently I have noticed more and more high end brands making an appearance on the shelf including MAC and Laura Mercier. On my last visit I picked up these two products that I think are absolutely perfect for this season. First I found this gorgeous nail polish from Burberry in shade 'Metallic Khaki' which is self explanatory but like nothing I've ever seen before. It appears like liquid metal on the nails and glistens beautifully, however the formula of the polish is quite thin and requires 3 coats. 

I then came across this stunning eye shadow duo from Rituals. I love Rituals bath and body products so I was intrigued to see how their make up would perform. This is the 'Amber Passion' duo, two warm, neutral shades that compliment each other wonderfully. Enriched with natural Sapphire, both shadows have excellent pigmentation and blend well to enable you to create different looks. 

Tamara x