Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Fitness Beauty Do's and Don'ts

We all have our own make up and skin care routines but recently I have had to introduce a new one that revolves around fitness. A month ago I started a dance class and soon discovered what essentials I needed to have at hand and all the Do's and Don'ts when it comes to beauty.

DO keep your hair off your face. Exercise works up a sweat and you certainly don't want your hair to soak it all up, make sure to keep a hair tie around your wrist for you to use should you need to. Also if like me you have a side or full fringe, it is a good idea to clip it up to avoid it sitting on your clammy brow. 

DON'T wear make up! Seriously. A full face of make up whilst working out is not good for your skin, heavy foundations and powders will clog up pores. Pores open up during exercise to allow your skin to breathe and sweat, make up will fill these open pores causing potential breakouts. CC creams and BB creams are no exception! 

DO take deodorant. Obviously no one smells their best after a work out so make sure you have one in your bag to use before and/or after your session. 

DON'T forget to bring water. Keeping hydrated is essential and it only makes sense to have water at reach when you exercise. You lose body water mass through sweating so to avoid dehydration you should always take a bottle with you.

DO refresh your skin with a facial water mist. There may not always be an opportunity to wash your face so keeping a facial mist in your bag will come in handy. These will instantly cool your face and leave your skin feeling much more revived.

DON'T put up with sweat. I have found dancing makes me sweat places I never thought I could! Using a small flannel really helps especially for dabbing my face, neck and cleavage. 

DO refresh your hair. Again you might not always have the opportunity to shower or freshen up so I would recommend to take a dry shampoo to remove excess sweat and give a fresh boost to your locks.

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Tamara x