Saturday, 30 August 2014

Dove Colour Radiance leave-in Conditioning Spray

Dove Colour Radiance leave-in Conditioning Spray - £3.59

After washing my hair I always apply a conditioning spray for extra care and treatment. I absolutely love Dove's Intensive Repair and Nourishing Oil Care leave-in conditioning sprays, however they aren't always available in my local Boots store so this time I picked up this one for colour radiance. As you may know  I have dipped dyed my hair so it only made sense to buy something specifically suited for coloured hair. This spray maintains vibrancy whilst ensuring long lasting shine. It has a light weight consistency and leaves my locks smoother and more manageable. Since using this product I have had more compliments on my hair than usual, one even from beauty YouTuber Sabrina, who I had the pleasure of meeting yesterday! 

Tamara x