Sunday, 18 May 2014

Lee Stafford Sun Kissed Lightening Spray

Lee Stafford Sun Kissed Lightening Spray - £7.99

I tend to get bored with my hair rather quickly and with it being naturally dark it's not very straight forward when it comes to colouring. For two years or so I bleached my hair regularly to lighten it all over, but this came with the consequence of brassy tones, dark roots and of course long term damage. After endless attempts I came to the decision to stop and let my hair grow out it's chemically enhanced colour and to accept it's natural appearance..but with the growing popularity of ombre and balayage, I couldn't resist jumping on the bandwagon.
Just before Christmas last year I had my locks dip dyed a lighter brown as I figured a blonde ombre would be too much of a colour contrast. Initially I was really pleased with the outcome however I noticed the intensity of the colour was fading much too quick for my liking and for a while I had been speculating whether to get it redone. The main reason I was holding it off is the amount of money I'd have to pay to get it done professionally and I'm not prepared to risk using an at home dip dye kit. Recently I came across a feature upon the Lee Stafford Sun Kissed Lightening Spray, a product that lightens the hair with simple and easy application, readily available on the high street. Of course I had to do a little research before trying it myself and I was surprised to find so many positive reviews that proved that it actually works!

Initially I was taken back by the price of the spray but considering how much I would have to spend at the hairdressers, I couldn't really complain. I choose to use this product to lighten the already dip dyed areas of my hair, however it can be used to simply highlight, touch up the roots or act as an all over colour treatment. I carefully apply this on to towel dry hair, using a brush to focus on the parts that I want to lighten, and then style as normal. The results develop over time so don't be put off if there is no difference in the appearance of your hair that same day. For me I was really impressed to see that after just two uses within one week, I could already see a change. It is recommended that you give 2 or so days between each application and obviously it will work differently for various hair colours. 

(Above) Results after three uses within a 2 week period

I'm really happy with how my hair has turned out over the past fortnight and with the recent sunshine we've been having it has developed an added natural golden highlight. I do however think I will need to invest in a purple hair toner to reduce the brassy appearance that has come through after further use of the spray. Needless to say this is a fantastic product for the Summer, perfect for creating beachy, sun-kissed locks.