Thursday, 3 April 2014

Primark Beauty Fashion Nails

Primark Beauty Fashion Nails - £1/50p

On one of my regular browses through Primark I decided to pick up these acrylic nail sets that I had noticed a few of my favourite beauty bloggers posting about. There is a large selection of designs and colours to choose from, typically my local branch had a very limited selection so I was only able to grab a cute apple and spotty/cat printed set to put to the test. Each pack can be bought for just a pound although I have noticed that they are often knocked down to half price. I have never applied false nails in my lifetime and honestly I was slightly apprehensive on using adhesive upon my natural nails but I figured they can't cause that much harm if so many people rave about them.

To apply, I simply spread a layer of the adhesive onto my unpolished nail then place down the false nail on top and hold to let it dry and set. I was quite surprised how quickly they stuck which reassured me that they were durable..or so I thought. The instructions recommend that you use a thin layer of the adhesive but I found I needed a much more generous amount to guarantee that they lasted. Over the course of a week I'd say I needed to reapply 3 or 4 of the acrylic nails as they were prone to peeling off through simple day to day activities.  Once the acrylic has been removed from the nail, residue of the adhesive does get left behind and is pretty tedious to remove. Another set back, as I found with the Primark nail wraps, is that the sizing was a little off and the length of the nails are ridiculously long so I did need to trim them down significantly as they appear tacky if left as they are.

I suppose you do get what you pay for with these falsies but I think they are much more suited for short term wear like a night out or a special occasion.

Tamara x