Thursday, 27 March 2014

Rituals Himalaya Wisdom

Rituals Himalaya Wisdom detox Himalaya scrub salt - £16.00

This is the second time my Mum has asked to feature her own review here on Beauty Blah Blah Blah, and of course I was more than happy for her to. Rituals is a brand that her and I both love and there is one particular product that she wants you all to know about!

"I have been searching for a decent body scrub for ages and must have bought dozens but they never seem to do the job on tough old middle-aged skin! Either the granules dissolve in seconds or are way to big to polish the skin. Well at last Rituals have produced the perfect body scrub, fine pink authentic Himalayan salt with oils and Holy Basil to give it a zing and tone the skin. A truly revitalising experience that leaves even the scaliest of skin soft and glowing. Total bargain at £16 as you don't need a lot at all."

Tamara x