Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Dove Intensive Repair leave-in conditioning & care spray

Dove Intensive Repair leave-in conditioning & care spray - £3.59

On my last visit to Boots I picked up this new product from Dove simply out of curiosity and I am so glad I did! Last year I was obsessed with the Nourishing Oil leave-in conditioning & care spray (read my review here) but then it suddenly became impossible to find and had completely disappeared from the shelves, since then I have not found anything that compares to it. I noticed this Intensive Repair leave-in conditioning & care spray and thought it had a similar concept and would give the same results. This is a weightless spray that can be applied onto both dry and damp hair to give an intense conditioning treatment and added hydration. The product also helps to protect hair from breakage and to reduce split ends which unfortunately I have a great deal of at the moment. It has a pleasantly fresh scent and doesn't leave behind any excess residue. I find my hair is much more manageable when using this product, releasing my hair of troublesome tangles and knots. I choose to use this after washing my hair, spraying it over whilst damp and before blow drying.  

Tamara x