Friday, 21 February 2014

Topshop Beauty Sale

The recent Topshop sale hasn't impressed me all that much and just as I was beginning to give up trailing through the racks and shelves, I noticed a small selection of marked down beauty items and here is what I managed to get my hands on...

Topshop Lipstick - £8.00 £4.00

This was the only lipstick that had been marked down in the particular Topshop branch I visited and lucky for me it was a shade I liked..although I must admit it looked a little different under indoor lighting. Needless to say I still quite like the colour and at half the price I can't  really complain. 'Sartorial' is a vibrant red with a pinkish under tone. The product applies well onto the lips but as with any lipstick I do make sure to moisturise with a balm or vaseline first. This colour is wearable for both day and night, adding a pop of colour to the lips no matter what the occasion. 

Topshop Nail Polish - £5.00 £1.00 each

I have NEVER bought a nail polish from Topshop, as much as I adore the colour range I'm not keen on spending £5 per bottle so finding these little beauties for a pound each was a real treat! I picked up shade 'Cloud', a light charcoal grey which I didn't really need to pick up as I own far too many polishes of a similar shade, and 'Costume Ball' which is a gold glitter top coat that looks gorgeous upon a variety of colours and surprisingly isn't too troublesome to remove . 

Tamara x