Monday, 23 December 2013

Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation Trial

I was sent this product by the Cosmopolitan Panel Team, to try out over a three week period. This 30ml foundation is to be launched by Maybelline and aims to deliver a flawless finish. Developed with an energising vitamin formula, and added SPF 20, it evens the appearance of skin tone and promises better looking skin after three weeks of use. The packaging states that it is suitable for normal skin so I was initially apprehensive of how it would take to my oily skin. 

Week One
Before I could receive the product, I of course had to choose my shade but this did prove difficult especially having to judge from 5 on screen swatches. In the end I used to search for my shade in other Maybelline foundations so I was able to determine which would suit me best. I settled with '021 Nude' which miraculously is the perfect match for my current skin tone. On my first use I instantly noticed how well this foundation blends over the skin, giving a matte appearance with medium coverage. Even my boyfriend commented on how much more natural it looked opposed to my regular foundation and as us girls know boys do prefer that 'no make up, make up' look.

Although I was initially happy with the results I did find as the day progressed, my T-zone became incredibly oily, more so than usual, which caused the foundation to smear off particularly around my chin and forehead. Unfortunately I had to touch up with powder quite a few times to disguise the issue.

Week 2
By the second week, the oilyness of my T-zone had reduced which was certainly reassuring. I was still really impressed with the overall coverage and natural appearance the foundation gave to my skin. I still needed to use concealer to hide away blemishes particularly this week as I had encountered a pretty bad breakout. Honestly I don't know if the foundation was to blame or the transition of the cold weather and the effects of central heating causing my skin to freak out..

Week 3
I am still happily using the foundation at this point and now that my break out is slowly clearing I can appreciate the product much more. I do however have dry patches which are still visible through this product and I still require concealer even though most of my blemishes have healed. Again, powder and touch ups were needed by the end of a long day so it is a little frustrating that it doesn't last compared to my regular choice of Estee Lauder's Double Wear Stay in Place Make Up which lasts up to 12 hours.

Overall I would rate this foundation 4/5. I do agree that it gives an instant even tone to my skin however it doesn't quite give the full coverage my skin needs. It claims to be suitable for all day wear but honestly I did find with my oily skin, touch ups were required after 5-6hrs so this definitely wouldn't be suitable for me to wear from day to night. The colour match is just right and I'm sure that the next shade up would do me well once I get some sun on my face in the Spring/Summer. This foundation claims to be non- transfer but I did find that when I dabbed my face with blotting paper or tissue to rid excess oils, it smeared right of the skin and using primer barely helped the problem.

I think this was a bad time of year to be undergoing this trial as my skin has not been settling well with this season but I'm hoping come spring time my skin will be less of a nuisance. I wouldn't entirely recommend this foundation for those with oily/very oily skin unless you are prepared to keep powder close by throughout the day. Although I do really like the product I wish it was more durable and better suited to my skin type, I'm hoping that maybe if I continue to use it my skin will take to it better. This is most definitely a win for the high street foundations but realistically only for normal skin types.

Tamara x