Saturday, 30 November 2013

GlossyBox: Wishlist

VICHY Idealia Life Serum
I have been using these samples daily upon my skin, usually in the mornings after cleansing my face and before putting on make up. The consistency of the product is so light and gentle on the skin it has been a pleasure to use. The philosophy behind the serum is to protect against everyday damage from pollution, stress and poor diet. My skin is left feeling wonderfully smooth and if it wasn't for the rather high retail price I would most definitely purchase the full size product. 

EMITE MAKE UP Micronized Eyeshadow
You may notice that this product is missing from the photo above and that is because I had to immediately dispose of it. As much as I hate to waste unused products, this eye shadow had completely exploded all over the content of my GlossyBox, covering everything like black soot. The packaging that withheld the shadow was clearly not suitably designed and I knew keeping it would only result in a disaster on my cream carpet. Aside from the catastrophe of this product I'm not particularly found of mineral make up anyway so this would have most likely have ended in my stash of shadows to be forgotten. 

I adore the 'Sexy Pulp' mascara by Yves Rocher and the 'So Elixir Purple' isn't half bad either so I was expecting that I'd take to this hand cream too. I've noticed my hands are becoming much dryer in the colder weather so this came at the perfect time. The product as a very sweet fragrance of cocoa and raspberry, not at all close to my usual preference of floral, and it's literally like opening up a box of chocolates each time I smell it. The cream is moisturising on the skin and is the ideal size to keep in your hand bag when your on the go.

ELEGANT TOUCH Rapid Dry for Nails
I totally get how this was a smart idea, however I must admit I can't say I will be reaching for it that much..if at all. This is to be used upon wet nails to ensure that they dry within 60 second which of course is a life saver for those who are prone to smudging. I personally own a fair few polishes that are formulated to dry within one minute which defeats the need to use this spray, nevertheless I have found the product adds a slight added sheen.

B. COMPLETE Long Lasting Nail Polish
I'm constantly painting my nails, experimenting with new shades and brands whenever I can. This is my first introduction to B.Complete polish and I'm a little gutted I didn't receive a shade that was more me and the consistency is a little thin. I do however approve of the applicator brush as it is large enough to make application effortless.

Tamara x