Thursday, 19 September 2013

Seventeen Phwoarr Paint & CC Cream

Seventeen Phwoarr Paint - £5.49
Seventeen CC Cream - £6.99

Seventeen is my favourite drugstore brand; with a fabulous range of nail polishes, gorgeous bronzers and quite possibly some of the best mascaras I have ever used, it has certainly made it's mark in my personal make up collection over the years. All products are incredibly affordable and I have found them to perform just as well as those of high end brands. I was really excited for the new collection to launch which consists of three face base items; a primer, concealer and CC cream. I opted for the 'Phwoarr Paint' concealer and the Matte Radiance CC Cream, I'm not particularly fussed about trying the primer as I am perfectly satisfied with what I currently use. 

'Phwoarr Paint' is a concealer developed especially for under the eyes to disguise dark shadows and dullness. It is only available in two shades which is obviously quite limited and won't serve all skin tones. I went with shade 'Medium' and even that appears slightly too light on my complexion but does certainly wake up my eyes. Within the pot the product seems to be a warm peach which ideally would conceal blue undertones of the skin however I found it appears much lighter once applied and doesn't so much blend in to the area but rather sits on top. I wouldn't recommend to use this for blemishes or spots as it has a slightly thick consistency and will be quite heavy on the effected areas. I will somewhat make use of this concealer for now but I wouldn't  repurchase it in future just because I generally don't suffer greatly with dark circles and I'm settled with using my regular choice of concealer (beauty blogger favourite) Collection's 'Lasting Perfection'. 

Since my face has been foundation free all throughout the Summer it has been really nice not packing loads of product onto my skin but now that Autumn is in full swing, it is losing it's natural glow and concealer alone just hasn't been enough to give an even appearance or a touch of radiance. 

I've been searching for a base that is much more skin friendly and has a 'barely there' texture. Unfortunately BB creams and tinted moisturisers haven't been kind to me in the past and don't always bode well with my oily skin and although I have briefly tried CC creams this is the first one I have actually bought! Much like 'Phwoarr Paint' this only comes in two shades, 'Fair' and 'Medium', again a little inconvenient for some. Luckily for me shade 'Medium' turned out to be a fairly good match for my current skin tone but if you have darker olive or mocha skin this will be much too light for you. The product blends well onto my face, balancing out the appearance of my skin and giving medium coverage. I have been applying the product with either a brush or my finger tips, both work just as well as each other. The consistency is noticeably lighter than a foundation, almost mousse like, which gives the impression that no make up has been applied which is what I was initially hoping for. As for durability, I must admit I was a bit disappointed. By the end of the day I found that the product seems to melt away especially around my T-zone and chin, so further application or blotting is definitely needed. This is supposedly a mattifying product so I did expect that it would keep shine under control but it doesn't seem to be able to withstand a whole day. For me personally, this CC cream isn't exactly wearable for a long day at work or a night out so I will probably only really wear this on my days off and weekends. 

Tamara x