Wednesday, 10 July 2013

NYX Peach Bellini & Orange Soda

NYX Cosmetics LSS - Round Lipsticks - £4.00 each

Literally ALL my favourite beauty gurus have raved about NYX Cosmetics and it has taken me a ridiculously long time to purchase from the brand myself. NYX products can only be purchased online and I'm usually a bit hesitant to buy beauty over the internet as I find that things don't always appear as I expect them to off screen. 

I came across the recent BOGOF deal for the LSS Round lipsticks and since I had wanted the shade 'Orange Soda' for so so long I decided to make my first NYX order! There are so many shades to choose from that I was slightly over whelmed when deciding what my 'get one free' should be, I'm a sucker for peach lippy so on a whim I picked 'Peach Bellini' and honestly it was a complete coincidence that both are named after beverages...

'Peach Bellini' isn't so peachy after all, as you can see it's much more of a coral pink which isn't at all like my usual lip colour preference. I noticed that this lipstick has a slight blue under tone with a hint of sparkle, to be honest I'm not a fan of sheer, shimmery lip products and would rather that this had a matte finish. Nevertheless the colour itself gives a real pop to the lips, it's incredibly bold and certainly suited for Summer. I'm not exactly sure if I can pull this off since it's so out of my 'comfort zone' of peach shades but I'd like to think I could at least get some wear out of it. It's a vibrant and bright lipstick that fits this season perfectly and the added touch of shine would be great to wear on the pool side. 

I had craved 'Orange Soda' for quite a while after noticing beauty YouTuber Suzi wearing it so often in her videos and it looked like such a perfect nude/peach. In reality it is a lot more nude than I had hoped and when applied on my lips I appear extremely washed out. I would probably best describe it to be a flesh toned colour which does admittedly give me Kim Kardashian worthy 'foundation lips'. I am gutted that this shade doesn't work for my skin tone, even with a tan it just doesn't seem to suit me, I'm curious to try this later in the year to see if it works better when my skin isn't so sun kissed. This is definitely a shade I would have loved to try before I bought it, but of course that's the risk you take with online shopping. 

Generally the formula of both lipsticks is really creamy on my lips, they're so smooth to apply and have intense pigmentation. I would recommend to use a lip balm prior to application as I found the products to be rather drying throughout the day. 'Peach Bellini' has an unusual soapy taste to it which becomes a little irritating after a while, whether that is a fault with the product I'm not entirely sure. 'Orange Soda' has really worked for toning down and lighting other lipsticks so it has come in use after all. Although my first NYX experience wasn't a complete success, I am still curious to try more products but next time I will definitely do a lot more research before hand!

Tamara x