Sunday, 23 June 2013

Primark Nail Wraps

Primark Nail Wraps - £1 or 50p 

I've never used nail wraps before, just because I find them a little pricey considering you cant get multiple use  out of them. A while ago I  noticed that Primark had it's own selection of nail wraps in different colours and patterns priced at just £1 per pack and a few were even reduced down to 50p! There were only four designs that I liked, the rest appeared quite cheap and tacky with jewelled and animal prints. 

I didn't know what to expect when applying these wraps since this was my first time using them. I chose to start with this red with white polka dots design, application seemed simple enough to begin with however I did encounter slight issues with finding the perfect size match for each finger especially my index and middle finger so I had to file them down to scale. Annoyingly there wasn't a single wrap that was a perfect size for any one of my fingers however it's not terribly noticeable. My nails did look a little ridged and messy at a close glance and two of the wraps were peeling off within the hour which was quite disappointing. Surprisingly they managed to stay on throughout a hot bath but by the second day most wraps had completely come off.

I found application much easier the second time round, rather filing away the excess foil it was better the cut it down to scale with nail clippers. These are the first of two floral designs I picked up 
I had less trouble with these wraps but I still had the problem with sizing and as you can see my nails were still visible around  the edges. I have two more designs I have yet to get wear out of but I will most likely save these for a 'special' occasion. 

These nail wraps are ideal for one-off wear, maybe for a night out or an event. I would suggest to apply these as close to the time you want to wear them as you can or before bed so they have time to set over night. Avoid any hands on activity after application (e.g washing up) as they will be less prone to peeling off or becoming chipped. Although these wraps aren't super durable they're worth giving ago considering the cheap price.

Tamara x