Sunday, 9 June 2013

Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer

Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer - £6.99

I don't usually consider purchasing high street/drugstore branded primers but after I was given Rimmel's 'Fix & Perfect', I thought it was about time I'd see if I could be persuaded. The product has a light weight, creamy texture much like your average facial moisturiser and has a fresh fragrance. It blends well into the skin and although it has a white appearance it doesn't give colour to the face. 

I've been using this as a base to my foundation but after several uses I have come to the conclusion that this primer doesn't work with my skin type and just isn't ideal for me. Although the product is pleasant and smooth to apply onto the skin I didn't feel that it worked for giving my face an overall matte, even appearance despite the claims that it 'mattifies'. My skin is rather oily and it takes a lot to keep it under control, this primer did keep shine at bay but only for a short period and I found that by midday my face needed a great deal of blotting to rid of excess oil that had come through. I can't say I noticed any added radiance to my skin after use and I'm not entirely sure what the 'protect' factor stated refers to. Overall I didn't think all of the five properties of this primer were expressed when I used this on my skin which was quite disappointing. 

Even though this particular primer hasn't delivered for me personally I have no doubt that it might suit those with normal or dry skin types. It's really soothing and gentle on the face, make up lasts somewhat longer and better yet it's affordable. 

Tamara x