Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Skin Deep Self Tanning Wipes

Skin Deep Self Tanning Wipes - 97p

For a long time I regularly used tanning wipes to give my skin a bronzed appearance, they're incredibly easy and quick to use which made self tanning so much less tedious and time consuming. Tanning wipes used to be available in high street/drug stores particularly Superdrug but over the last year or so I've noticed that they've disappeared off the shelves. In the past I always found the Nivea self tan wipes to be the most effective but they were rare to find and hardly ever in stock so I often used Superdrug's tan wipes from the  'Soltan' range which weren't great but good enough.

These self tanning wipes by Skin Deep can be purchased in Savers for just 97p and since it has been so long since I'd used them I thought I'd give this brand a try. Each pack consists of 20 wipes which can be used on both the face and body. There's no indication of the intensity of tan the wipes will give but of course you can build up the colour to your skin by using additional wipes.

On first impressions the wipes have a pleasant fresh scent to them, much like regular facial wipes which reassured me that they wouldn't give my skin that fake tan odour but how wrong I was. As the tan develops so does the dreaded biscuity smell that we all cringe at, it's ridiculously strong and impossible to disguise even after a good scrub in the shower I could still smell the tan especially on my hands. It transferred onto my bedding and clothes which was a bit of a nightmare too.

Application was really quick and easy which is the only pro to these wipes. The appearance of the tan itself was very deep and I will admit it couldn't be passed as 'natural' especially with the orange tint it left on my fingers and palms. Nevertheless it was even, I wasn't left with any awful streaks across my body and it lasted for a good four days.

Unfortunately these tanning wipes weren't at all fantastic and I can't see myself repurchasing them despite how cheap they sell. I will probably save the rest of this pack for 'extreme' tanning emergencies and I will only use them on my legs as opposed to my whole body.

Tamara x