Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Accessorize Beauty

Accessorize Collagen Ultra Black Mascara -£5.00

Accessorize mascaras can all be bought at a nifty five pounds which is great if you're looking for an emergency quick lash fix at a bargain. They have beautifully designed packaging, as do all items from the make up range, and would look so pretty on your dressing table. This is my first time using an Accessorize mascara...and unfortunately I don't have much to say about it. Firstly the applicator brush just doesn't impress and I could instantly tell it was going to be a little disappointing, I either like brushes to be big and bulky or to at least have a curved shape to it but this had neither and was very basic. The consistency of the product was a little too wet which smudged over my lids as I applied the mascara to my lashes. Although his mascara does create definition and length it is minimal and it was a disaster for my lower lashes as they instantly became clumpy and untidy. 

Accessorize Bronzing Block - £6.00

One of my favourite ever bronzers is the 'Baked Bronzer Duo' from Accessorize which I actually reviewed last year (see here) so I figured I'd possibly like this 'Bronzing Block' just as much. This bronzer consists of two shades one is a warm, terracotta brown and the other is a golden champagne with a hint of shimmer which initially I thought together they would create a warm glow for my cheeks with added highlight. The appearance of the product on my cheeks is extremely subtle, barely there in fact so it does take a number of sweeps to build up a satisfying amount of colour. It seems the package design behind this bronzing block has been influenced by the Benefit powder boxes, which is handy for keeping in your hand bag without any worry of it breaking or opening. The brush that comes inside is pretty useless so I'd recommend to use your regular blush brush. 

Visit accessorize.com to explore the full beauty range available both in store and online

Tamara x