Friday, 31 May 2013

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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Empties of the Month


SOAP & GLORY The Righteous Butter Body Moisturiser
I'm loving Soap & Glory at the moment and I keep meaning to take advantage of the 3 for 2 offer currently on at Boots, to get some bath time pamper treats. At Christmas I was given the 'Righteous Butter' which is a luxurious body lotion enriched with Shea Butter and Aloe Vera. I have been using this after hot baths or showers to lock in moisture and it never fails to leave my skin feeling lusciously smooth. 

TONI & GUY Heat Protection Mist
I have had this product for such a long time now and I only really bought it because I had a money off voucher for this particular brand. This heat protection mist is part of the 'Prep' range by Toni & Guy and claims to condition the hair whilst defending it against heat damage. Although it's lightweight if too much is applied the hair becomes unpleasantly sticky. I'd say this product is quite average, I much prefer the 'Protein Protection Mist' which is an original Toni & Guy product and long time favourite of mine. 

GARNIER Moisture Match
This is a wonderful facial moisturiser which has lasted me around two months and has been essential in my daily skin care routine. The 'Moisture Match' range by Garnier has been a break through in beauty with five creams each suited to specific skin types. This one has been developed for combination to oily skin and aims to mattify for a shine free complexion. It has a lovely fresh scent and leaves my face feeling incredibly soft in an instant. I use this as a base before putting on my make up and it genuinely keeps shine at bay for hours after applying. Read full review here

L'OCCITANE  Dry Skin Hand Cream
My Mum and I are both in love with this Shea Butter hand cream! It smells so gorgeous and it's so soothing for the skin. Although I have never had an issue with dry skin on my hands I still like to keep this at close reach for when I want to give my hands a little TLC. 

YVES ROCHER FRANCE So Elixir Yves Rocher Eau de Parfum
Realistically this shouldn't have been in my 'Empties of the Month' so soon but since it is technically finished I have included it. The true story is I had carelessly thrown this into my handbag without the top completely fastened and it leaked. Up till this minor hiccup, I had actually been using this perfume daily and I really liked the fragrance. It's a very sultry feminine scent consisting of Patchouli, Tuberose and Vetiver, wearable for both day and night. 

ALL FOR EVE Eve's Balm
I have so many lip balms that it has taken me a ridiculously long time to use this one up. It's delightfully soothing on the lips and has been blended with nourishing Lavender, Mint and Chamomile. Dry, cracked lips are revived instantly and the compact size of the product makes it ideal to keep in your pocket so that it is always at hand. 

Tamara x

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Skin Deep Self Tanning Wipes

Skin Deep Self Tanning Wipes - 97p

For a long time I regularly used tanning wipes to give my skin a bronzed appearance, they're incredibly easy and quick to use which made self tanning so much less tedious and time consuming. Tanning wipes used to be available in high street/drug stores particularly Superdrug but over the last year or so I've noticed that they've disappeared off the shelves. In the past I always found the Nivea self tan wipes to be the most effective but they were rare to find and hardly ever in stock so I often used Superdrug's tan wipes from the  'Soltan' range which weren't great but good enough.

These self tanning wipes by Skin Deep can be purchased in Savers for just 97p and since it has been so long since I'd used them I thought I'd give this brand a try. Each pack consists of 20 wipes which can be used on both the face and body. There's no indication of the intensity of tan the wipes will give but of course you can build up the colour to your skin by using additional wipes.

On first impressions the wipes have a pleasant fresh scent to them, much like regular facial wipes which reassured me that they wouldn't give my skin that fake tan odour but how wrong I was. As the tan develops so does the dreaded biscuity smell that we all cringe at, it's ridiculously strong and impossible to disguise even after a good scrub in the shower I could still smell the tan especially on my hands. It transferred onto my bedding and clothes which was a bit of a nightmare too.

Application was really quick and easy which is the only pro to these wipes. The appearance of the tan itself was very deep and I will admit it couldn't be passed as 'natural' especially with the orange tint it left on my fingers and palms. Nevertheless it was even, I wasn't left with any awful streaks across my body and it lasted for a good four days.

Unfortunately these tanning wipes weren't at all fantastic and I can't see myself repurchasing them despite how cheap they sell. I will probably save the rest of this pack for 'extreme' tanning emergencies and I will only use them on my legs as opposed to my whole body.

Tamara x

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday GlossyBox!

I was rather excited to receive this months box and since I share the same birthday month with GlossyBox it was an extra treat for me. Celebrating two years since launching, GlossyBox have made May's box extra special with premium skincare and beauty heroes...

PAUL MITCHELL Awapuhi Wild Ginger Shine Spray
I don't ever feel the need to add extra shine to my hair so I don't tend to use sprays like these, I'd rather avoid adding unnecessary product to my locks, however this one by Paul Mitchell also acts as a heat protector and conditioning treatment. It can be used throughout heat styling or as a finishing touch to your do. I haven't been straightening my hair as often as I used to since recently deciding to embrace my natural waves but if I should ever decide to I will use this spray and put it to the test. The scent of this product is very potent and the fragrance of Ginger does come through. This is the full 125ml size which can be purchased for a ridiculous £18.95! 

JELLY PONG PONG Fairy Lash Mascara
I have to admit I was keeping my fingers crossed hoping I'd receive the Givenchy 'Noir Couture' mascara sample after falling in love with the applicator brush when watching a recent review. This mascara, I would imagine, does not compare in the slightest and honestly it is a bit of a let down. The results are quite average, although my lashes do appear lengthened I was disappointed with the lack of volume this mascara gave. The applicator brush is terribly basic and the product itself becomes quite clumpy when built up on the lashes. Since this is waterproof it is rather tedious to remove and it takes a good cleanser to take it off. 

On first impressions this is an unusual product, it's a clear gel like substance which supposedly can be used along with foundation, powder based blushers and eye shadows to create a more creamy consistency. I'm not entirely thrilled by this idea since so many beauty products are readily available in cream formulations. Nevertheless I have taken to using this product as a primer before applying my make up as it gives a matte surface to my skin and keeps shine at bay. To my surprise my make up stays in place for hours when I use this gel which I really didn't expect at all!

COLLECTION Fast Stroke Eyeliner
I'm a girl who loves her eye liner and I can never have too many so I welcomed this Collection liner with open arms. This is a full sized product which regularly retails at only £2.99 which is a great beauty bargain and is something I could afford to regularly purchase. Application is simple and precise, the stable nib enables me to create bold lines across the lid and sharp cat eye flicks. 

HEADLINE COLORS Poolside Party Nail Polish
I hadn't previously heard of this brand before and I was quite intrigued by the shades of the 'Poolside Party' selection. I was hoping to receive one of the more vibrant colours of the range but I was given shade 'Gunmetal' which is a dark, metallic charcoal..not exactly summer appropriate. The polish applies well and I found two coats worked best, I don't really like the shade on my nails when worn alone however it does look much better with a glitter or confetti top coat. This is a durable product and can be removed with ease.

Tamara x

Happy Beauty Day!

Benefit 'Happy Beauty Day'

Last week I celebrated my birthday and one of my favourite gifts that I received was this 'Happy Beauty Day!' set by Benefit. Inside are three of Benefit's best sellers each a perfect pocket size convenient for travel and with my holiday soon approaching these will most definitely come to good use. 

I would consider myself to be part of the 'POREfessional' fan club but since it doesn't sell cheap it isn't something I can regularly invest in and I usually opt for inexpensive high street/drug store alternatives. This product is very effective at reducing the appearance of my pores and creating a matte base before applying make up. This is my very first 'posietint' and I was interested to know how well it works as a multi-purpose product. It gives a lovely natural, rosy just bitten appearance to my lips perfect for 'no make up' days however I'm not so keen on using this tint on my cheeks as I much prefer powder blush. The 'BADgal lash' mascara is legendary and since mine had dried out I was so pleased to get another. I absolutely love the chunky applicator brush of this mascara, once used my lashes appear much more defined and fuller with added length.

This is a delightful gift set to give to your nearest and dearest girls or even as a treat to yourself...

Tamara x

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Mini Mani

Models Own All That Glitters Mini Nail Polish Trio

Models Own is one of my favourite brands for nail polish and I was so chuffed to receive this mini trio from one of my besties as a birthday gift. This is the 'All That Glitters' selection which includes shades 'Blizzard', 'Pink Fizz' and 'Southern Lights' (left to right) which are all infused with intense sparkle. These polishes are perfectly sized for travel or to keep in your handbag when your on the go. 

When I first saw these three beauties I was instantly drawn to 'Blizzard', it literally looks like broken pieces of a disco ball in a bottle with chunky flakes of glitter that glisten like glass. It works amazingly well as a top coat over vibrant colours and I think it goes perfectly with the Models Own Hed Kandi range. 'Pink Fizz' has a combination of pink and silver glitter giving a much more glamorous look to the nails, it is very similar to Barry M's 'Pink Silver' glitter nail paint and 'Devonshire Street' by Nails Inc. Two applications gave an even coat although a third does give extra shine and impact. I don't think I've ever owned a nail polish quite like 'Southern Lights' it has a gorgeous mixture of blue, purple, green and pink sparkle with an almost holographic appearance. I found that three coats worked best for this shade and I think it'll be great to wear during the summer months.

As with pretty much ALL glitter polishes, these three are a bit of a nightmare to remove but nevertheless they  look lovely on the nails and would be best worn for a night out on the town with the girls or a summer party. 

Tamara x

Monday, 13 May 2013

The Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2013

Hello beauties!

The Cosmopolitan Blog Awards have returned for another year and I would absolutely love if you would be so kind to nominate Beauty Blah Blah Blah for 'Best New Beauty Blog'.

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I'm so grateful for all my followers and to anyone who has read my blog, all you're positive feedback has meant so much to me.


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Saturday, 11 May 2013

The 99p Argan Oil Secret

Argan Oil Conditioner 150ml- 99p

I had recently seen a positive review of this product by A Thrifty Mrs and I was instantly curious to try it for myself, who'd have thought you could find a great Moroccan Argan oil conditioner for less than a pound? This is a 3-5 minute leave-in conditioner, to be used once you have shampooed, to give hydration and life to your hair with Coconut, Castor, Avocado and of course Argan oils. On first appearance the packaging is rather bland and there's no clear indication of which brand the product belongs to, nevertheless I couldn't complain considering the ridiculously cheap price. The smell of the conditioner is delightfully fresh although not quite as fragrant as I'd hoped as it doesn't really transfer onto my hair but if you're someone who prefers lighter scented hair care then this product would be ideal for you. It has a smooth, creamy consistency which sets well into my locks without feeling heavy and rinses out well with no unwanted residue. After using this conditioner several times I have distinctly noticed how much quicker my hair dries after washing and all tangles are banished however I can't say I've seen a huge difference in the shine to my hair. My favourite Argan oil based hair care will always be the 'Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil' selection from Organix but since I can't regularly afford to purchase from the range this conditioner has become a much cheaper alternative (£6 cheaper in fact!). I'm aware there is also a 99p 'Argan Oil Hair Treatment' available from the same brand which I'd also like to try. 

I found this conditioner in the 99p Store although I think it can be found in many local £1 shops nationwide. If you have some spare change in your pocket you might as well give this ago, it does give genuine results  and will save you pounds!

Tamara x

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Accessorize Beauty

Accessorize Collagen Ultra Black Mascara -£5.00

Accessorize mascaras can all be bought at a nifty five pounds which is great if you're looking for an emergency quick lash fix at a bargain. They have beautifully designed packaging, as do all items from the make up range, and would look so pretty on your dressing table. This is my first time using an Accessorize mascara...and unfortunately I don't have much to say about it. Firstly the applicator brush just doesn't impress and I could instantly tell it was going to be a little disappointing, I either like brushes to be big and bulky or to at least have a curved shape to it but this had neither and was very basic. The consistency of the product was a little too wet which smudged over my lids as I applied the mascara to my lashes. Although his mascara does create definition and length it is minimal and it was a disaster for my lower lashes as they instantly became clumpy and untidy. 

Accessorize Bronzing Block - £6.00

One of my favourite ever bronzers is the 'Baked Bronzer Duo' from Accessorize which I actually reviewed last year (see here) so I figured I'd possibly like this 'Bronzing Block' just as much. This bronzer consists of two shades one is a warm, terracotta brown and the other is a golden champagne with a hint of shimmer which initially I thought together they would create a warm glow for my cheeks with added highlight. The appearance of the product on my cheeks is extremely subtle, barely there in fact so it does take a number of sweeps to build up a satisfying amount of colour. It seems the package design behind this bronzing block has been influenced by the Benefit powder boxes, which is handy for keeping in your hand bag without any worry of it breaking or opening. The brush that comes inside is pretty useless so I'd recommend to use your regular blush brush. 

Visit to explore the full beauty range available both in store and online

Tamara x

Friday, 3 May 2013

NARS Larger Than Life Lip Gloss

Nars Larger Than Life Lip Gloss - £19.00

Recently my Mum gave me this newly launched  Nars 'Larger Than Life' Lip Gloss, a high-shine gloss for the lips developed to create drama and add impact to your pout. There are 18 shades to choose from, this is 'Place Vendome' which is a deep, raspberry colour which is miles away from my usual preference of pinky peach. The intensity of the colour is really impressive for a lip gloss, it gives my lips an instant full tint of colour with one glaze. I think it would go perfectly with a Plum or dark Cherry lipstick for a voluminous 'vampy lip'. I'm not convinced this shade would suit all skin tones, I think it would work best for those with olive and mocha skin which is why I probably will save wearing this until I have tanned over the Summer. I would also suggest that this particular shade is much more wearable for night rather than daytime, although it depends on your personal preference of course. 

I found the product itself to be quite long lasting although it does tend to fade after eating and drinking, again why I wouldn't recommend to wear during the day. The brush is the smallest I think I've ever seen but this acts as an advantage as it makes application much more precise as it enables you to line your lips before completely filling them in. The texture is slightly sticky which I was expecting however a little more bearable than your average lip gloss. It's not incredibly hydrating so I would recommend applying a balm before hand especially if you regularly suffer from dried out lips like I do. 

There's no way I'd ever spend more than a fiver on lip gloss so I can't imagine that I'd ever purchase this product for myself, I'm certain there are plenty of high street/drugstore alternatives for a fraction of the price. I wasn't overly thrilled with this product simply because I'm not the biggest fan of lip gloss although I am hoping to make some use of it even if it is only occasionally. 

Tamara x

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Mother Knows Best

My lovely Mum has been very supportive of my blog since the beginning, she's always telling people about it and she sneaks in time to read my posts while at work. We're both extremely opinionated when it comes to beauty products (still to this day we're hunting for the perfect lipstick!) and it was only a matter of time that she would write a review herself and of course I wanted to feature it here on Beauty Blah Blah Blah...

L'OrĂ©al Paris Revitalift Laser Renew Advanced Anti-Ageing Moisturiser - £13.33* 1/3 off promotion at Boots

"Having tried countless face creams over the years claiming to reduce wrinkles and firm skin, I have never been particularly impressed and refuse to pay silly prices, I think most I ever have paid is for Darphin at £50 a jar. In recent years there was a huge load of hype over a face cream from Aldi at just under £2 and I had been using that ever since because it was just as good BUT on a visit to a well known chemist weekend before last there was 1/3 off the L’Oreal 'Laser Renew' range so I went mad and decided to try the day cream. I can honestly say I have never noticed such an improvement and so quickly, I even had comments made. Literally in under a week my pores are a fraction of the size and my skin really smooth."

Thank you Mumsy :)

Tamara x