Sunday, 21 April 2013

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pore & Shine Daily Scrub

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pore & Shine Daily Scrub - £2.99* introductory offer at Boots

So yet again I've been drawn into buying another mattifying skin care product. This is the recently launched 'Visibly Clear Pore & Shine Daily Scrub' by Neutrogena, developed to target problematic skin helping to reduce pores and leave the face free from shine.

The product has a delicious fruity scent of Tangerine and Lime which help to refresh and rejuvenate the skin in an instant. This is a daily use product but I've chosen to use it around every other day to avoid my skin becoming dry as I have always found that using mattifying products too often rids off all oil and not just excess oil alone. When it comes to facial scrubs I really like the consistency to be gritty and tough enough to unclog my pores effortlessly however the micro-beads of this product are rather soft and I found I really needed to work them into my skin with my fingers to feel their effect. The product rinses off well with water without any residue being left behind. My skin definitely feels much more matte after use appearing smoother and grease free, a perfect surface before applying my make up for the day.

Although this scrub is pleasant to use I wouldn't rate it as a top choice and I'm undecided on whether I would repurchase it in future. I think it is worth giving a go if, like me, you have oily skin and are seeking an inexpensive mattifying solution. 

Tamara x