Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara

Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara - £7.99

Maybelline mascaras are never really an option for me, I find them quite average and I think the result claims are always exaggerated. The 'Rocket Volum' Express' mascara is the latest to be launched and promises to give lashes up to 8x more volume in an instant. I was actually given this by my Mum who had tried it herself beforehand but was left disappointed, nevertheless I thought I'd see whether it worked for me. 

On first impressions I was immediately put off by the plastic applicator, I really dislike brushes such as this one and straight away I knew I wasn't going to get on with this mascara. This is supposedly clump-free but I found there to be quite a few small clumps that built up as I applied the product, especially on my lower lashes. Since this is the waterproof edition of the 'Rocket Volum' Express' it is quite tedious to remove, a facial wash and water really isn't enough for the the mascara to budge, despite finding a few lashes had been pulled out in the process, so I had to follow up with a make up remover. I find that small bits of the the product get left behind and irritate my eyes regardless of my best efforts to take it all off. The only thing I do like about this mascara is the black intensity of the product, my lashes do appear more defined and much bolder however it doesn't live up to it's '8x' more guaranteed impact.

Tamara x