Tuesday, 16 April 2013

St Tropez Naturals Self Tan Lotion

St Tropez Naturals Self Tan Lotion 200ml - £26.59 £5

As you may know I'm always keeping an eye out for beauty at a bargain and once again I thought I had found a cheap and cheerful treasure. My local Boots usually has some nifty reductions and on this particular visit it happened to be tanning products, one of which was this self tan lotion from the 'Naturals' range from St Tropez. This lotion regularly retails at £23.99* and I was stunned to see it going for just a fiver so of course I had to purchase it! It wasn't made clear on the packaging whether this was an instant or a gradual tanner and there was no indication of what the tan intensity of the product was (normal to medium/medium to dark) so buying this product was a bit of a gamble. I soon came to realise this was is a gradual tanner to be used 2 or 3 times a week depending on how much you wish to build up the tan.

'Naturals' is a range consisting of completely natural ingredients and specifically suits those with sensitive skin. The key element of this range is Vegetan which is considered to be a 'naturally derived self-tanning ingredient' sourced from vegetables. The range offers products for both the face and body all promising a natural glow for your skin.

The self tan lotion itself is much too thick for my liking, it was rather a struggle to spread across my skin so much so I had to use a regular body moisturiser with it just to ensure it had been applied evenly with no risk of streaks appearing later on. Although the thickness is off-putting the lotion doesn't weigh heavy on my skin and I wasn't left feeling sticky or greasy like I usually do from tanning lotions.The scent is very unusual and in no way as pleasant as the regular St Tropez tanning range. It has a strong herbal like fragrance upon application but to my disappointment a few hours on I began to notice that typical biscuity fake tan smell on my skin which I really wasn't expecting from this product. Results began to show around 2 or 3 hours later and admittedly they were quite average, there's certainly no 'wow factor' about this lotion and I'm amazed at how high it retails for what it is. All in all my skin does appear evenly bronzed but the lotion just doesn't give the most convincing 'natural' tan. After around three days the tan did begin to fade so another application was required.

I had high expectations for this lotion and I'm gutted it hasn't turned out to be a self tan marvel and I will probably use it only occasionally. Lucky for me that I only paid a small price for this product but I am sure those who bought it at £26.59* felt a little cheated. I now wish I opted for the self tan milk as it is apparently much more light weight on application but in future I won't be repurchasing from the 'Naturals' range.

Tamara x