Saturday, 2 February 2013

This Works: Fresh Skin

This Works: Fresh Skin - £17.00 £7.99

As you may remember me mentioning, I have come to appreciate skin toners much more recently and when I came across this particular one from This Works in TK Maxx I instantly wanted to give it a try. I purchased the product at nearly £10 less than it's original retail price so I considered it to be a great bargain beauty find. This is actually my first experience with a This Works product, I have heard good reviews about beauty and skin care items from the brand but have never come across it in stores until now. The toner itself is alcohol-free and doesn't contain any GM ingredients in order to maintain healthy skin. Malachite, Oak Bark, Bergamot and Neroli are the key ingredients but it must be said that the Oak Bark dominates the fragrance of the product which I'm a little thrown off by. The toner is light and refreshing on the face and can either be applied by directly spraying on to the skin or used with cotton pads.

Although I haven't been using this for too long now I have noticed slight improvements especially with my blemishes which have appeared to have reduced. The big concern I have is that each time I have used this fresh skin toner my skin feels a little itchy and irritated, although less every time, it may be a reaction to one of the ingredients found within the product or may just be the quality of the product as the box does state it should be used within a 6 month period and there's no way of knowing how long it has been sat on the shelf.

Despite the minor set back of the irritation issue I think I may occasionally use this toner but it definitely isn't my 'go to' skin toning product however I think this would possibly be quite nice to use in the Summer when my skin needs an instant cooling spritz. I am rather disappointed that this toner didn't leave me 100% satisfied but I would still like to try other This Works products in future, any recommendations?

Tamara x