Monday, 18 February 2013

Mini Beauty Bargain Haul

These items are beauty bargains I have collated over the last month or so and I thought I'd give you my honest verdict on them. I'm a true bargain hunter especially when it comes to beauty and I think with a good eye and a knack for rummaging you can all find some of the amazing beauty reductions that are out there yourselves!

Nails Inc. Colour Collection - £33.00 £12.99

I chose this particular Nails Inc. trio because I was instantly drawn to the 'Sugar Bakers Court' polish which literally looks like yummy little cupcake sprinkles in a bottle. At first I thought it consisted of tiny coloured beads but it is in fact glitter in shades red, blue, green, white and gold. My finger tips look like they've been dipped in sparkly cake frosting when I wear this shade and I think it has taken first place in my glitter favourites. Although it is a pain to take off it's so so pretty it's worth it, best used on top of a white base coat. I love my nude shades and 'Bristol' is a gorgeous 'greige'/mocha shade which compliments my skin tone and last really well without chipping. This is a chic, simple colour to wear for everyday wear or would suit well on formal occasions  'Devonshire Street' literally looks like I'm wearing millions of stars on my nails, it's incredibly sparkly and glistens beautifully. The biggest problem with glitter based polishes is the difficulty removing them and as you can imagine this was very tedious to take off. It took three applications to build up an intense coat of the polish which made it rather thick and unfortunately it did melt off during a hot bath so I would probably use one coat on top of a colour base in future. 

Nip+Fab Pistachio Sundae Dry Skin Fix Body Butter - £8.49 £3.99

I don't actually have an issue with dry skin and I have enough body butters to last me the year but this is just one that I couldn't ignore. I think it was Barbara  who mentioned this product a while back now and I have always wanted to try it as I love pistachio based lotions and creams. These Nip+Fab body butters are the same size and quality of the Body Shop ones and are a lot more purse friendly too, I managed to find this in TK Maxx for just £3.99. The product has an amazing green colour to it, has a deliciously nutty fragrance and consists of nourishing Avocado, Shea butter and fruit oils. This is great for applying after a hot bath or shower to give my skin intense moisture and goodness. It is super creamy and soft, almost good enough to eat! 

Orly Nail Lacquer - £20.60 £4.99

Orly nail polishes are generally quite expensive but I think the RRP of this nail lacquer was a little over estimated and I would guess it was probably no more than £10 originally. Nevertheless I picked up this polish in shade 'Decoded', a deep blue/grey marl colour as I thought it would be more wearable than a basic charcoal black. The product applies well onto my nails and two coats gives an intense colour however I'm not terribly sure if I like it that much. This shade definitely needs to be worn with a tan so would most likely suit those with a more olive skin tone otherwise it may make your hands appear much cooler toned if you have paler skin. I found that this polish was durable and easy to remove.  

This Works Sleep Balm - £12 ??

This was a little gem that my Mum found for me, again in TK Maxx, and aside from being super cute it's also really effective. Ever since I was young, Lavender has always helped me to fall asleep and with having a few restless nights recently this has really come into good use. I use this at bed time by applying it on my pulse points and sometimes I rub a little bit onto my pillow. The scent is very calming and not overpowering so I am able to relax and prepare for a good nights sleep. It can also be used on dry skin around the elbows, heels and cuticles but I prefer using it to help me snooze.

Aussie Dual Personality Hi-Hold + Hi Shine Hairspray - £3.89 £1

I didn't really make much effort to browse the January sales this year and admittedly this is probably the only reduced beauty item I bothered to purchase. I found this hairspray on the reduced shelf in Boots and thought I might as well take it since I have not tried an Aussie hairspray before and better yet it was only £1. This product has the unmistakable Aussie fragrance which I've always loved but unsurprisingly I found it to be ineffective for me personally. My hair is just too thick and heavy to feel the full benefits of hairspray and this is a continuous problem for me but regardless I have been using it to tame my hair as much as I possibly can. 

Tamara x