Monday, 30 December 2013

GlossyBox: Festive Treasures

As you may know I'm not hugely keen on lip gloss however this has been developed with a non-sticky formula which is really reassuring on windy days. The product gives a subtle touch of colour, creating a 'your lips but better' appearance which is wearable for a natural day time look or to compliment dramatic smoky eyes. I also like that the gloss doesn't leave the lips looking too glazed but instead moisturised and kissable. 

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Marc Jacobs Honey Eau De Parfume

Marc Jacobs Honey Eau De Parfume Spray 50ml

This darling was a Christmas gift from my Mum and I couldn't have received it at a better time since all my current fragrances have run dry one by one in the last month or so. Honey has a beautifully fresh scent of mandarin and pear with a distinctive honeysuckle and vanilla base. The blend of floral notes and sweet fruits pleases the senses and instantly uplifts my mood. The product itself sets well onto the skin however I personally choose to apply this for day wear only as I much prefer more musky, spiced fragrances for evening wear. This is most certainly going to be my most reached for scent once Spring has sprung as it just screams out sunshine! The bottle is perhaps a little awkward to carry around in my handbag but it does add a cheerful touch to my dressing table and the decorative pearl honey bees are simply adorable . 

Tamara x

Friday, 27 December 2013

Benefit Rockateur

Benefit Rockateur - £23.50

This little treasure was on my Christmas list and I was lucky enough to find it wrapped up under the tree. Rockateur is a gorgeous powder blush, released earlier this year by Benefit, and I absolutely adore it.  I don't choose to wear blush upon my cheeks for everyday wear and instead opt for bronzer as I rarely find a shade of blush that truly compliments my skin tone and I usually end up looking like a china doll. Rockateur gives a subtle yet buildable tint, warming the skin with a rosy, golden glow. I like to apply this on the apples of my cheeks and sweep it along the sides of my face to define my cheek bones. For application, I much prefer using my trusty Real Techniques Powder brush rather than the one that is included with this product. I know this product will be wearable all year round, accentuating sun-kissed skin during the Summer and giving warmth to frosty faces in the colder months. I really enjoy using the powder blush boxes by Benefit, other favourites include Sugarbomb and Hervana.

Tamara x

Monday, 23 December 2013

Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation Trial

I was sent this product by the Cosmopolitan Panel Team, to try out over a three week period. This 30ml foundation is to be launched by Maybelline and aims to deliver a flawless finish. Developed with an energising vitamin formula, and added SPF 20, it evens the appearance of skin tone and promises better looking skin after three weeks of use. The packaging states that it is suitable for normal skin so I was initially apprehensive of how it would take to my oily skin. 

Week One
Before I could receive the product, I of course had to choose my shade but this did prove difficult especially having to judge from 5 on screen swatches. In the end I used to search for my shade in other Maybelline foundations so I was able to determine which would suit me best. I settled with '021 Nude' which miraculously is the perfect match for my current skin tone. On my first use I instantly noticed how well this foundation blends over the skin, giving a matte appearance with medium coverage. Even my boyfriend commented on how much more natural it looked opposed to my regular foundation and as us girls know boys do prefer that 'no make up, make up' look.

Although I was initially happy with the results I did find as the day progressed, my T-zone became incredibly oily, more so than usual, which caused the foundation to smear off particularly around my chin and forehead. Unfortunately I had to touch up with powder quite a few times to disguise the issue.

Week 2
By the second week, the oilyness of my T-zone had reduced which was certainly reassuring. I was still really impressed with the overall coverage and natural appearance the foundation gave to my skin. I still needed to use concealer to hide away blemishes particularly this week as I had encountered a pretty bad breakout. Honestly I don't know if the foundation was to blame or the transition of the cold weather and the effects of central heating causing my skin to freak out..

Week 3
I am still happily using the foundation at this point and now that my break out is slowly clearing I can appreciate the product much more. I do however have dry patches which are still visible through this product and I still require concealer even though most of my blemishes have healed. Again, powder and touch ups were needed by the end of a long day so it is a little frustrating that it doesn't last compared to my regular choice of Estee Lauder's Double Wear Stay in Place Make Up which lasts up to 12 hours.

Overall I would rate this foundation 4/5. I do agree that it gives an instant even tone to my skin however it doesn't quite give the full coverage my skin needs. It claims to be suitable for all day wear but honestly I did find with my oily skin, touch ups were required after 5-6hrs so this definitely wouldn't be suitable for me to wear from day to night. The colour match is just right and I'm sure that the next shade up would do me well once I get some sun on my face in the Spring/Summer. This foundation claims to be non- transfer but I did find that when I dabbed my face with blotting paper or tissue to rid excess oils, it smeared right of the skin and using primer barely helped the problem.

I think this was a bad time of year to be undergoing this trial as my skin has not been settling well with this season but I'm hoping come spring time my skin will be less of a nuisance. I wouldn't entirely recommend this foundation for those with oily/very oily skin unless you are prepared to keep powder close by throughout the day. Although I do really like the product I wish it was more durable and better suited to my skin type, I'm hoping that maybe if I continue to use it my skin will take to it better. This is most definitely a win for the high street foundations but realistically only for normal skin types.

Tamara x

Friday, 13 December 2013

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm - £21.00

I haven't invested in high end skincare for a rather long time so with everyone raving about the Clinique Take The Day Off cleansing balm I thought it was about time to treat myself. Although this balm has been around for a while it has recently been a hit with most beauty gurus. It has been developed for all skin types and helps to remove stubborn make up and dirt. A little goes a long way, just a small nut sized amount takes away foundation and mascara with ease. To be blunt the product does look like lard, but once rubbed in between the fingertips it warms into a soft oily substance which melts into the skin effortlessly. It rinses off extremely well and does not leave any residue, leaving my skin feeling smoother and matte. Although the balm removes my make up I can't say I can depend on it entirely to thoroughly wash my face and so I always follow up with either an exfoliator or a liquid cleanser/toner.

This product does cost quite a fair bit at over £21 a pop but I could see straight away that it was going to last me a really long time and will certainly last me well into 2014.

Tamara x

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

All I Want for Christmas is...

1. Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette | 2. Real Techniques brush set | 3. Prada Candy L'Eau Eau de Toilette
 | 4. Origins GinZing moisturiser and Clear Improvements charcoal mask | 5. LUSH treats

What's on your list? ;)

Tamara x

Saturday, 30 November 2013

GlossyBox: Wishlist

VICHY Idealia Life Serum
I have been using these samples daily upon my skin, usually in the mornings after cleansing my face and before putting on make up. The consistency of the product is so light and gentle on the skin it has been a pleasure to use. The philosophy behind the serum is to protect against everyday damage from pollution, stress and poor diet. My skin is left feeling wonderfully smooth and if it wasn't for the rather high retail price I would most definitely purchase the full size product. 

EMITE MAKE UP Micronized Eyeshadow
You may notice that this product is missing from the photo above and that is because I had to immediately dispose of it. As much as I hate to waste unused products, this eye shadow had completely exploded all over the content of my GlossyBox, covering everything like black soot. The packaging that withheld the shadow was clearly not suitably designed and I knew keeping it would only result in a disaster on my cream carpet. Aside from the catastrophe of this product I'm not particularly found of mineral make up anyway so this would have most likely have ended in my stash of shadows to be forgotten. 

I adore the 'Sexy Pulp' mascara by Yves Rocher and the 'So Elixir Purple' isn't half bad either so I was expecting that I'd take to this hand cream too. I've noticed my hands are becoming much dryer in the colder weather so this came at the perfect time. The product as a very sweet fragrance of cocoa and raspberry, not at all close to my usual preference of floral, and it's literally like opening up a box of chocolates each time I smell it. The cream is moisturising on the skin and is the ideal size to keep in your hand bag when your on the go.

ELEGANT TOUCH Rapid Dry for Nails
I totally get how this was a smart idea, however I must admit I can't say I will be reaching for it that much..if at all. This is to be used upon wet nails to ensure that they dry within 60 second which of course is a life saver for those who are prone to smudging. I personally own a fair few polishes that are formulated to dry within one minute which defeats the need to use this spray, nevertheless I have found the product adds a slight added sheen.

B. COMPLETE Long Lasting Nail Polish
I'm constantly painting my nails, experimenting with new shades and brands whenever I can. This is my first introduction to B.Complete polish and I'm a little gutted I didn't receive a shade that was more me and the consistency is a little thin. I do however approve of the applicator brush as it is large enough to make application effortless.

Tamara x

Empties of the Month

(Left to Right)

BOURJOIS Magic Nail Polish Remover
I knew the day would eventually come when this would run out (sad face). This has saved me so much time and hassle especially in the morning rush. Nail polish is removed in seconds, simply by dipping each finger into the pot. This product has been such a hit, I have recently noticed other brands competing with a similar concept. My nails are left feeling conditioned after every use and the product itself has a delightfully sweet fragrance.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Christmas at Lush

Golden Wonder- £3.50
The Christmas Penguin - £2.95
Luxury Lush Pud - £3.40

Christmas at Lush doesn't ever disappoint. Every year there is a wonderful selection of classic favourites and new festive treats to indulge in. On my last visit I picked up these three products, two bath bombs and an adorable bubble bar. The first bath bomb,Golden Wonder, is in the shape of a present and dazzles with golden sparkle. The general scent of this product is Orange and Lime, so this is perfect if you prefer citrus aromas. Once placed in the tub, Golden Wonder bursts into a fabulous blend of colours and glitter, creating an almost cosmic display. I must admit it was heartbreaking to see my little Christmas Penguin crumble into water but he did make my bath incredibly bubbly and has lasted me four baths! Created with Bergamot and citrus oils, this product fills the room with a pleasantly warming scent. The Luxury Lush Pud is probably my favourite of the three. Although it consists of similar ingredients to The Christmas Penguin I found it had a much sweeter undertone. It gives bath water a vibrant tint of purple/pink which reminded me so much of Ribena - but of course without the added taste of blackcurrant. 

Golden Wonder
Luxury Lush Pud

Tamara x

Friday, 15 November 2013

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Nude

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Nude - £3.99

I've been on the hunt for the perfect nude eye liner for a while but it seemed like an endless search, I just couldn't find one! At last I came across this one from Rimmel which is exactly what I have been looking for and lucky I found it because it was the last one on the shelf. It was quite possibly Barbara who mentioned she used nude liner for her eyes and ever since, I've wanted to try it for myself. Nude liner undoubtedly makes the eyes look naturally larger and more awake which has been a saviour for early mornings. Before using this product I was using a simple white Kohl liner but found it gave too much of a 'sixties' look and nude is definitely a more subtle shade. The pencil has a creamy consistency that sits on the water line with ease without becoming irritable. This is a great, affordable liner that I am sure will last me through to the new year!

Tamara x

Monday, 11 November 2013

This Works: Black Spice & Myrrh Candle

This Works: Black Spice & Myrrh Candle - £25.00 £14.99

'Tis the season for scented candles and this one is just perfect for cold nights in. Yankee candles seem to be everyones favourite but I have recently discovered that This Works have some gorgeous scented candles too. I do find it hard to justify spending so much on candles and honestly I am happy enough with my cheap and cheerful Primark ones but I couldn't refuse this one that I came across in TK Maxx, along with a selection of different fragrances to choose from. The key notes of this scent are black spice and Myrrh but there is a delightful touch of Cinnamon, Cardamon and Clove which I find gives such a warming, festive feel to the room. This candle has a burning time of up to 40 hours and the aromas fill the air wonderfully without becoming over powering.

Tamara x

Sunday, 10 November 2013

L'Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Heat Protect Styling Spray

L'Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Heat Protect Styling Spray - £3.99*

I have neglected my hair terribly in recent months, I needed to get my act together and be more sensible when it came to heat styling. About a week or so ago I picked up this new heat protect styling spray by L'Oreal Paris which was on offer at the time and figured I might as well see how it performs. This product promises protection from heat of up to 230 degrees and guarantees to maintain straighter hair for up to three days - which initially I thought was quite a bold statement. To my surprise this product has really turned around the condition of my hair, just after one use I noticed how sleek my hair appeared and how much smoother it felt. Even after sleeping with my hair in a tight bun through the night, my locks remained just as straight as the day before! The spray is light weight and doesn't feel sticky, it also has a really nice fragrance that lingers all day. This product is also available for creating curled or waved hair styles. 

Tamara x

Thursday, 31 October 2013

St.Tropez Bronzing Spray

St. Tropez Bronzing Spray - £13.69*

With the arrival of Autumn I was in desperate need of a decent self tanner, earlier this month Boots had a 1/3 off offer on all St. Tropez products which I thought was more than perfect timing! I find St.Tropez as a brand to be quite pricey and I couldn't ever justify spending £20 or more on fake tan but with a third of the price knocked off I managed to equip myself with this bronzing spray. I always want my tan to look natural no matter how fake it is and I knew that I could depend on this product. This is a fine, light self tan spray that promises to give an all-over and all-even glow to the skin. It's so quick and easy to use, perfect for last minute bronzing or if you don't have the patience for  a gradual tanner.  

Dove Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo

Dove Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo - £4.59 

I have really taken to Dove hair care this year, my favourite products being the Therapy Nourishing Oil Care shampoo, conditioner and leave-in spray. This dry shampoo is from the new Style+Care range and already seems to be a hit with beauty gurus ! I don't often use dry shampoo just because of the powdery residue that seems to sit within my hair which I think makes it feel more dirty rather than cleaner, this however is so light and refreshing it has a 'barely there' texture. The scent is really fresh and similar to a regular Dove shampoo so it does almost give that just washed feeling. This has been really useful at giving my hair some effortless 'oomph' without the use of hairspray and I found it was great to use on my hair at the end of  a long day to give it more life before going out after work. I think it's a little much paying nearly a fiver for this product however it is currently on offer at Boots so I'd grab it sooner than later if I were you. I'm also keen to try the Style+Care Nourishing Dry Ends serum and the Replenishment heat protect spray.

Tamara x

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Empties of the Month


EUCERIN Dermo Purifyer Toner
Eucerin isn't a brand I am terribly familiar with and this is the first and only product of theirs I have owned. I managed to find this on the reduction shelf of my local Boots branch for just £1 and considering it was targeted at spot prone skin, I thought I may as well give it a try. I have been using this upon cotton pads after cleansing my face to remove any excess oils and left over make up. This toner has been rather practical in my daily skin care routine and there's not much to criticise aside from the scent which I'm not greatly fond of. I am curious to try other items of Eucerin skincare in the near future.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

GlossyBox: Dark Romance

MEMEME Cherub's Blush - Cheek & Lip Tint
This product comes into such close comparison with Benefit's Benetint, but it is of course more affordable at only £5.50. This is a multi-use product that can be applied onto both the apples of your cheeks and upon the lips, to give a subtle rosy appearance. Lips look effortlessly rouged with a 'just bitten' look, I haven't yet tried this upon my cheeks as I do prefer powder blushers.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

40 Beauty Questions TAG

1. How many times do you wash your face daily?
Once in the morning and once in the evening.

2. What skin type do you have? (dry, oily, combo)

3.What is your current facial wash?
The Body Shop, Tea Tree skin clearing facial wash. It removes all my make up instantly and treats my blemished skin.

4.Do you exfoliate?
Yes! It is essential in my skin care routine.

5. What brand do you use?
I haven't actually settled on one particular exfoliator that I use religiously as I like to try different brands, although one of my all time favourites has got to be Clinique's 7 Day Scrub cream.  

6. What moisturiser do you use?
Again, I haven't committed myself to any particular moisturiser but one that I have rather enjoyed using this year is the Moisture Match from Garnier.

7. Do you have freckles?

8. Do you use eye cream?
The only eye creams I've used are samples from beauty box subscriptions. I don't find that I am in serious need of eye creams...just yet.

9. Do you or did you have acne prone skin?
I don't suffer from acne as such but my skin is very problematic and I'm often burdened with regular break outs which can be so frustrating :(

10. Did you ever have to use Pro-activ?

11. What foundation do you use?
Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay in place Make Up.

12. How about concealer?
Collection Lasting Perfection concealer obviously!

13. Do you know your undertone colour?
I have never actually given it thought..

14. What do you think of fake eyelashes?
They can be so hit and miss. I wear them on nights out but I usually cut them so that I only use them on the outer ends of my lash line, there's nothing worse than the discomfort of a strip of lashes irritating my eyes all night. 

15. Did you know that you are supposed to change your mascara every 3 months?
I do. Can't say I follow that rule though, naughty me.

16. What brand of mascara do you use?
I love trying out new mascara's so I nearly always have a new favourite but generally I love both Benefit's 'Bad Gal Lash' and 'They're Real', Seventeen's 'Va Va Voom' works wonders and one that I rarely get my hands on - Yves Rocher's 'Sexy Pulp'.

17. Sephora or MAC?
I have never been to Sephora and I don't find that MAC is an affordable brand, for me personally, so I'm going to have to say neither.

18. Do you have a MAC Pro-card?

19. What make up tools do you use in make up application?
My fabulous Real Techniques make up brushes.

20. Do you use make-up base/primer for the eyes?
I know I'm not the only girl who owns an eye shadow primer and fails to use it. If ever I remember to use it, I reach for my Urban Decay Primer Potion although I would say that using my general facial primer on my lids works just as well.

For the face?
Of course. With my oily skin I most definitely need a primer and I have thoroughly benefited from using The Body Shop's Tea Tree Pore Minimiser and 'POREfessional' from Benefit.

21. What is your favourite eyeshadow?- Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner?
I absolutely adore my Sleek eye shadow palette. When it comes to eyeliner it has to be liquid for me to create my everyday cat eye flick.

22. How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil?
Not at all.

23. What do you think of pigment eyeshadows?

24.Do you use mineral make up?

25. What is your favourite lipstick?
Anything by Rimmel, I think they're all so hydrating on the lips and are available in such innovative colours.

26. How about lipgloss?
I tend to avoid lipgloss altogether, I really dislike the sticky texture of it and I much prefer a matte finish on the lips as opposed to glossy.

27. What is your favourite blush to use?
I really like blushers by Benefit my favourite being 'Sugarbomb'.

28. Do you buy your make up on ebay?
Honestly I have never bought anything on e-bay!

29. Do you like drugstore make up?
LOVE it.

30. Do you go to Cosmetic Company Outlet's?
I'm not entirely sure what these are exactly but I would say I do regularly purchase discounted beauty products from TK Maxx which I presume is the same concept.

31. Did you ever consider taking make-up classes?
Back in school when I was around 13 or 14 years old I considered becoming a make up artist and I was really keen to take on a make up course. 

32. Are you clumsy in putting on make up?
I wouldn't say so although I do prod my eyes with the mascara brush from time to time.

33. Name a make up crime that you hate?
'Foundation lips'

34. Do you like colourful shades of make up or neutral ones?
Neutral shades compliment my eye colour and skin tone best however a pop of colour doesn't go a miss every now and then.

35. Which celebrity always has great make up?
I don't feel there is anyone I could choose for this considering celebrities have the help of make up artists so of course they would look flawless.

36. If you could leave the house using just one make up item, what would you use?
Not easy to use just the one but probably  eyeliner.

37. Could you ever leave the house without any make up on?
Not entirely..I would at least need to apply mascara, a touch of concealer and some colour on my lips.

38. Do you think you look good even without any make up on?
I wish. I feel really out of my comfort zone if I'm bare faced however I do feel much better about it if my skin is looking healthy and has had some sun. 

39. In your opinion, what is the best make up line?
Don't make me choose!

40. What do you think of make up?
It's a part of my everyday life. I think make up helps to accentuate your features and gives people more confidence in their appearance. You can be incredibly creative with make up and suit it to your personality for whatever occasion. 

Tamara x

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo - £9.75 * 1/3 off promotion at Boots (now ended)

At last I have this 'revolutionary' product in my grasp! This is something I have wanted to try for so long now but the price of it was holding me back, but with a third off promotion at Boots I figured it was probably the cheapest I'd ever find it in store so I bit the bullet and made the purchase. I can't stress enough how troublesome my skin can be and I do find it hard finding products that can improve the condition of my skin so I often depend on blogs and recommendations to help me discover new potentially effective skin care. The Effaclar Duo has certainly made a name for itself with beauty gurus with it's claims to fight imperfections and reduce the appearance of pores and it was instinct for me to find out what all the buzz was about.

Monday, 30 September 2013

Empties of the Month

(Left to Right)

THE BODY SHOP Peppermint Smoothing Pumice Foot Scrub
I received this product as a freebie for registering with The Body Shop's 'Love Your Body' membership. I wasn't particularly thrilled about it at first, I'd have much rather got a free body butter or shower gel but I wasn't going to let it go to waste. As odd as you may think I am, I have actually been using this on my face as opposed to my feet. The grittiness of the product itself has worked a treat for unclogging my pores and the Peppermint is really invigorating on the skin. 

Saturday, 28 September 2013

GlossyBox: The London Edition

My preference of perfume is anything floral, sultry and fresh. This fragrance by Elizabeth Arden has certainly ticked the boxes for me, with a musky yet sweet scent it's simply elegant.'Untold' has been developed with divine fruits and flowers including Jasmine, Pear, Patchouli and currants. Captured within a beautiful glass bottle it looks so lovely on my dressing table. I like to apply this on my wrists and neck, as with most perfumes, however I have discovered that the smell fades a little sooner than I'd expect it too.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

NOTD: Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Satsuma

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint - £3.99 each

I absolutely love the formula of the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine nail paints but out of the entire range there are only a few shades that I actually like. I had recently noticed that additional colours had been introduced and there was one that caught my eye immediately! 'Satsuma' is an amazing, vibrant red with an orange undertone which I completely adore. It looks amazing on the nails and has chic glossy finish that lasts for days. The polish itself is simple to apply giving an even coat over each nail in fast, easy strokes. I found that although one coat looked pretty good, a second delayed chipping allowing the polish to become wearable for much longer. I have had a fair number of compliments on this nail colour, aside from the disapproval of my mother..but I do wish it had been launched over the Summer as I think it looks fabulous with a tan and might be a little too bold for A/W. 

Tamara x

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Seventeen Phwoarr Paint & CC Cream

Seventeen Phwoarr Paint - £5.49
Seventeen CC Cream - £6.99

Seventeen is my favourite drugstore brand; with a fabulous range of nail polishes, gorgeous bronzers and quite possibly some of the best mascaras I have ever used, it has certainly made it's mark in my personal make up collection over the years. All products are incredibly affordable and I have found them to perform just as well as those of high end brands. I was really excited for the new collection to launch which consists of three face base items; a primer, concealer and CC cream. I opted for the 'Phwoarr Paint' concealer and the Matte Radiance CC Cream, I'm not particularly fussed about trying the primer as I am perfectly satisfied with what I currently use. 

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer 200ml - £13.50

I can't help but use my lunch breaks as an excuse to ponder around the shops and of course Boots was an essential stop. I was pleasantly surprised to find that one of my favourite branches had undergone refurbishment and had introduced several new counters including Bumble & Bumble, Smashbox and Liz Earle. I've only ever owned two products from Liz Earle and I'm not really in the position to be able to invest in such a high end brand, however there was one item I could not leave the store without!

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Empties of the Month

(Left to Right)

PRADA 'Candy' Eau de Parfum
This is a seductively sweet fragrance created with Caramel and white musk. I completely adore this perfume, it smells utterly gorgeous but it has one major flaw and that is it's lack of durability. I don't think I'm alone in saying that this fragrance does not last throughout the day so further 'spritzing' is needed which would explain how quickly my bottle became empty. Due to this I doubt I will invest in buying this perfume for myself however if anyone was feeling generous I wouldn't refuse..(just a hint to my nearest and dearest).

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

GlossyBox: High-flyers

JUICY COUTURE Viva La Juicy Noir
A suductivly sweet fragrance created with Sandalwood, honey suckle and a burst of berries. I have found this to be wearable day or night and for any occassion. Unfortunately this perfume isn't terribly durable which is an issue I also found with 'Couture La La', however it's such a lovely scent it hasn't discouraged me from wearing it. 

JELLY PONG PONG 2-in-1 Eyeliner & Shadow
With my experiences so far with Jelly Pong Pong as a brand, I can't say I've been totally impressed and most often I give my products away. I've recently taken to shadow liners and initially I was interested to see how this particular one would turn out. I wasn't too pleased with the colour I received, a dark green which really isn't suited for me. If I do choose to wear green around the eyes I usually opt for olive/neutral tones. Therefore it seems  I won't find any use for this. 

EMITE MAKE UP Eyelash Curler 
I was really intrigued to find out what product was worth £20 in this month's box and I certainly did not expect these! I currently use a Benefit eye lash curler which has done me well for a few years or so, but this one by Emite make up has really stepped up the mark. I'm not too keen on the appearance of the curler and on first impressions I didn't think they would perform that well or live up to their price tag. How very wrong I was. This curler is amazing, from my very first use I have been completely taken by how brilliant they are. My lashes become so much more defined, opening up my eyes  with a really natural appearance. This curler will NEVER leave my make up bag and has certainly become a 2013 favourite. 

TRESEMME Platinum Strength 60 Second Treatment Shot
These treatment shots from Tresemme seem to go down well with other beauty bloggers and I've always been curious to try one for myself. This is the 'platinum strength instant resue' shot, developed to combat frizzy, damaged hair. Currently I have rather dry, split ends and I was expecting this treatment to give my locks a much smoother texture but honestly it gave rather average results. The product has a lovely scent and leaves my hair tangle free but I just didn't feel it was any better than my regular conditioner. 

OCEANE Makeup Remover Pen
I always aim to create a perfect a cat eye flick when applying eyeliner and although I have somewhat mastered it, over years of attempts, I do still make the odd mistake or smudge. I've never really considered using a make up remover pen just because it'll be another product added to the bulge of my make up bag and I'm happy enough using a damp cotton bud. This product has actually come into good use although I wouldn't say that it is entirely essential in my routine. After each use I have noticed make up to linger on the nib of the pen which does transfer back onto the skin which is slightly annoying but replaceable nibs are provided with the pen. 

Tamara x

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Topshop Infrared Lipstick

Topshop 'Infrared' - £8

Red lips always seem to suit everyone else but me and it has been a frustrating process to find a shade that I can pull off. It took me a terribly long time to realise that cool toned reds are just not my friend and so I needed to focus my search on warmer, orange toned reds. A few weeks back I was chatting with a lovely girl over the till and I found myself awing over her lipstick, she told me it was 'Morange' by MAC and since she had very similar dark features and medium skin tone like myself I figured if it looked good on her it should on me..right? MAC is a brand I can't really afford to invest in so I went on the hunt for an inexpensive dupe. I researched online and came across many recommendations that Topshop's 'Infrared' was a perfect match for this particular shade.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Rimmel London Scandaleyes Shadow Stick

Rimmel London Scandaleyes Shadow Stick - £4.49

I absolutely adore all my eye shadow palettes and pots but I figured that it was about time I gave shadow pencils a try, after all it cuts out the need for blending brushes and will most likely lighten the load of my make up bag. I'm constantly reading great things about the Rimmel 'Scandaleyes' shadow sticks, which are available in five unique colours, but of course I decided to play it safe and opted for shade 'Bad Girl Bronze' an intense metallic brown.