Monday, 31 December 2012

VO5 Give Me Texture Product Trial

Last month I received an email asking if I wish to participate in a product trial courtesy of Cosmopolitan magazine and VO5. Of course I agreed and within a couple of weeks I received my trial which consisted of a full sized shampoo, conditioner and two styling products. I was instructed to use each of these products over a three week period and here is my verdict...

(Left to Right) VO5 Give Me Texture Tousled Style Spray, VO5 Give Me Texture Shampoo & Conditioner and VO5 Give Me Texture Instant Oomph Powder

VO5 Give Me Texture shampoo and regular conditioner

For the first week of the trial I had to wash my hair with the VO5 shampoo along with my regular choice of conditioner. The shampoo lathers extremely well into my locks, I can't quite figure out the fragrance of the product but it does have a fresh and natural scent. This shampoo claims to give 'luscious, tousled hair' and quite right it does! My hair is naturally wavy although I did notice an added bounce and definition to the waves of my hair which I wouldn't have expected from the shampoo alone.  

Regular shampoo and VO5 Give Me Texture conditioner

This week I had been using my regular shampoo with the VO5 conditioner. The fragrance of the conditioner is very much the same as the shampoo although a little more subtle. The product has a creamy consistency but isn't too heavy on the hair and doesn't leave behind any residue. After rinsing, my hair was left tangle free and feeling ultra soft however it didn't give the same tousled result as the shampoo had given so I did find myself opting for other products to give my hair the texture I desired.

VO5 Give Me Texture shampoo & conditioner together

Finally by week three I had the chance to use both the VO5 shampoo and conditioner together and after every wash this week I was left with soft, shiny and knot free waves. Each product gave it's own unique input into leaving my hair looking healthy and defined so I definitely would recommend giving this range a try. Since I have natural thick waves I really couldn't say whether these products would work for those of you with straight or fine hair.

Throughout the trial I regularly used the two styling products, the tousled style spray and the 'Oomph' powder. I wasn't particularly impressed with these two personally, I found they just didn't work well with my thick and heavy barnet. The powder is very delicate, with a snowy like appearance, which you rub between your finger tips then into the hair to give volume but with my hair being so thick it would take a lot to make any sort of difference and when it comes to styling I like to use as little product as I possibly can. The spray gave an average result it was OK but not something I would purchase for myself in future. When scrunched into the hair, the spray did give a little definition but it wasn't long lasting and too much product would just dry into the hair and make it hard.

Overall I was happy to have taken part in this trial and overall I think the VO5 Give Me Texture shampoo and conditioner gave the most effective results out of the four products. I'm not exactly certain whether I will buy this range out of preference, although I was pleased with the outcome I wasn't greatly keen on the scent of the products and for me my choice of haircare is highly influenced by the fragrance. The styling products would suit finer, lighter hair but that is only my opinion I can't guarantee it. 

Tamara x