Monday, 24 December 2012

GlossyBox: Festive Celebrations

Last year, the December GlossyBox was fabulous so I was very excited for this year's to arrive at my door step. The 'Festive Celebrations' silver box has been filled with some gorgeous products which have all been so lovely to try and have even become true favourites!

RITUALS Magic Touch

In last year's December box I received the Rituals foaming shower gel in the same scent of 'Cherry Blossom' which is a really subtle and delightful fragrance. This body cream consists of Rice Milk which leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft, nourished and smelling so heavenly. The consistency of the product is light and melts instantly into the skin, it's perfect for applying after a hot bath or shower. I'd definitely recommend this particular body cream, I've really fallen for it and I am trying my best to use it sparingly so it lasts me well into the new year. 

SECHE Nail Lacquer 

I've wanted a nail varnish shade like this for a while now and at last I have one to own. I received shade 'Elegant' which is a copper/bronze colour that seems to wear well this season. It's a metallic varnish however it isn't overly shiny which I much prefer, I think polishes look much better when they have a more matte finish. Two coats gives a gorgeous warm colour to the nails and it's rather durable, so no dreaded chips. 

MILK_SHAKE Conditioning Whipped Cream

This product has become a real favourite of mine and I'm not exaggerating when I say it is delicious! It has a yummy scent which I can only describe as  the creamiest of cream sodas, it smells good enough to eat and even looks exactly like whipped cream. This is a conditioning product which is applied onto wet hair with no need to rinse, just style as normal. My hair has noticeably felt much softer and appears in better condition after every use, I may be using this a little too often so I'm a little worried that it won't be lasting me far into the new year but I think I will definitely consider purchasing it in future. 

SLEEK MAKEUP i-Divine True

A beautiful  eye shadow palette with twelve warm earthy and metallic tones that are perfectly suited for my eye colour. I have been enjoying this product so much this month I'm beginning to think it may be better than my Urban Decay 'Naked' palette which has been a long time love of mine! At only £7.99 this is a great beauty bargain and is ideal for experimenting with different tones to create both natural and smoky eye looks.  These mineral based shadows seem to sit well onto the lids without any need of a primer and blend extremely well together. My favourite of the twelve colours so far would have to be 'Taupe', 'Bark', 'Mineral Earth' and 'Regal'. I'd really like to try more shadow palettes from Sleek as I've been so overly impressed with this one.

ANATOMICALS 'what a complete and utter glosser' 

As I'm sure I've said many times before I'm not overly keen on using lip gloss on my lips, they're always too sticky and are especially a nightmare to wear on a windy day when your hair sticks to your lips and all that nonsense. This gloss has a cheeky scent of strawberry milkshake and gives a sweet, colourless glaze over the lips. I can't say I'll make great use of this product although it could make a good stocking filler. 

I don't tend to wear blusher in the Winter so I'll be saving this for the sunny days of Spring. This blush, in shade 'Glossy Rosewood', is a product of GlossyBox included in this month's box as a little bonus treat for Christmas. The product appears to be easily build-able to create a rosy effect for your cheeks to your preference, it's also pocket sized which is great for slipping into a travel bag. 

Tamara x