Tuesday, 20 November 2012


I absolutely love Lush, have done for years, and since I don't often visit the store I decided to stock up on some bath time goodies on my most recent visit. 

(Clockwise from top left)

CINDERS Bath Ballistic £2.25
This ballistic is a real treat this Autumn/Winter, perfect for a hot bath at the end of a chilly day. Scented with Cinnamon, Orange and Almond oil this bath bomb fills the room with gorgeous aromas and leaves my skin soothed. This product does tint bath water so be cautious of any stains around the tub. 

SO WHITE Bath Ballistic £3.20
'So White' was the first product I chose as I was instantly drawn to it's fragrance of Neroli and Bergamot. This snowball like bath bomb melts in the bath until it's pink centre fizzes into the water giving an instant pop of colour. 

CANDY MOUNTAIN Bubble Bar £2.45
A deliciously sweet bubble bar that creates the bubbliest of bubble baths! This has always been one of my favourite scents found in LUSH products because it's just so yummy. Just crumble under a running tap for a bath as soft and fluffy as candy floss. 

YUZU & COCO Bubbleroon £2.95
This Bubbleroon has a macaroon like appearance (hence the product name) with a blissful smell of shea butter and is enriched with Bergamot and Coconut oil. After using this product I couldn't help but notice just how soft it had left my skin. My only criticism would be that I found that the bubbles created by the bar weren't as long lasting compared to 'Candy Mountain'.

PHOENIX RISING Bath Ballistic £3.20
I believe this is a new product so I was eager to give it a try, it is a beautiful purple sprinkled with gold shimmer and smells very indulgent. Drop the ballistic into the tub and it bursts with aromas of cinnamon, cocoa butter and organic oils giving a vibrant blackcurrant tint to the bath water. 

Tamara x