Sunday, 28 October 2012

17 Smoulder Gel Eyeliner

17 Smoulder Gel Eyeliner - £3.99

I decided to give gel eye liner another go after my EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner by Maybelline, that I  loved, dried out. This 16 hour wear gel liner by 17 has recently been introduced on the shelves and with a price so low there was no reason not to at least try it out. After a few uses I can't say this product has wowed me, I'd give it an average rating and to be blunt I got what I paid for. The pot of gel comes with a small applicator which was rather useless and you'll definitely need to use an angled brush if you want that precision and perfect cat eye flick. I expected a much sleeker line to be created with this gel however it was much more matte and gave the same texture as a Kohl liner pencil would. I think this may work fairly well as a base for eye shadow, as the box suggests, although my main concern with this product is with how easy it comes off  when I simply rub my finger tips across my lids so I'm not quite so sure it would be terribly durable. 

Despite not being overly impressed with the Smoulder Gel Eyeliner I am still open to try more gel liners of other brands so I'm happy for any recommendations from my readers. 

Tamara x