Friday, 12 October 2012

17 Blow Out Mascara

17 Blow Out Mascara - £6.29

17 at Boots reveals new mascaras quite regularly which I think is fantastic as I am usually impressed with them, my favourite being Va Va Voom. The latest is Blow Out blackest black volumise sculpt tease mascara which claims to give lashes x12 more volume. I was instantly drawn to the chunky brush of the product, I'm not exactly a fan of thin plastic comb mascaras so I knew this one would work for me.

I have been using this product everyday since I bought it and so far I am satisfied however I'm not totally blown away by it. My lashes appear much more defined and lengthened to an extent but I honestly don't notice the 'x12 volume' at all, a bit of a let down since I expected much more from this new release. The product is definitely the blackest black giving my top lashes full impact but I have been using a different mascara for my bottom lashes, due to the brush being so large it's a little difficult to apply without smudging over my lower lash line.  

This is a good product although I wish I could say it was 'amazing'. It is long lasting and gives great definition to my lashes but I think the volume it claims to give is a little exaggerated. I will continue to use this mascara but unfortunatly it hasn't become my new favourite.

Tamara x