Sunday, 28 October 2012

17 Smoulder Gel Eyeliner

17 Smoulder Gel Eyeliner - £3.99

I decided to give gel eye liner another go after my EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner by Maybelline, that I  loved, dried out. This 16 hour wear gel liner by 17 has recently been introduced on the shelves and with a price so low there was no reason not to at least try it out. After a few uses I can't say this product has wowed me, I'd give it an average rating and to be blunt I got what I paid for. The pot of gel comes with a small applicator which was rather useless and you'll definitely need to use an angled brush if you want that precision and perfect cat eye flick. I expected a much sleeker line to be created with this gel however it was much more matte and gave the same texture as a Kohl liner pencil would. I think this may work fairly well as a base for eye shadow, as the box suggests, although my main concern with this product is with how easy it comes off  when I simply rub my finger tips across my lids so I'm not quite so sure it would be terribly durable. 

Despite not being overly impressed with the Smoulder Gel Eyeliner I am still open to try more gel liners of other brands so I'm happy for any recommendations from my readers. 

Tamara x  

Friday, 26 October 2012

GlossyBox: DIY Beauty Box

ANATOMICALS Don't just clean it woman, scrub it body scrub
I have to admit lately I haven't been exfoliating my skin as well as I should be so this body scrub came at the right time. Until now I hadn't tried or used any products by Anatomicals and after my first experience I'm not too impressed and feel quite let down. I was expecting the scrub to have a strong, yummy grapefruit burst to it however the scent is barely there and doesn't leave my skin smelling as fruity as I'd hoped for. I also didn't think this polished my skin a great deal either so I will have to opt into purchasing a much more effective body scrub. 

DERMALOGICA 3 Step day and night kit
I've noticed repetition of products inside past GlossyBoxes and it seems to have happened again although this time I'm not too disappointed. I have had this 3 step kit before and I found that it did genuinely do some good for my skin type my favourite product being the matte moisturiser which keeps shine at bay for most of the day. The foaming wash takes of my make up effortlessly, leaving my skin feeling squeaky clean and the purifying toner refreshes my skin both morning and night. 

SKINETICA Anti-Blemish
Close to receiving this product I came down with a terrible breakout which began after trying out a new foundation sample, Clarin's Skin Illusion you are not my friend! This solution played a huge part when it came to clearing my sudden spots and blemishes, it took around 2-3 days to show noticeable results which is exactly what the product guarantees. This is to be applied every 12 hours however I have been using it with a cotton pad just before bedtime each night but the sample itself, unfortunately, is too small to last me a good while. 

YVES ROCHER FRANCE Moisturising Cream Lipstick
I'm a little baffled as to why lipstick has been included in this particular GlossyBox considering the products were chosen for a 'cosy night in', nevertheless I have really taken to it. This is shade 101 'Framboise' which is a sexy, bold red which is probably the first red that does't make me appear washed out when I'm wearing it. The product doesn't dry out my lips and seems to be durable although I haven't had the chance to wear it throughout a whole day as of yet. 

Tamara x

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Autumn Favourites

Batiste Dry Shampoo 'Sassy & Daring Wild' (£2.50) Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (£8.99) Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick by Kate Moss (£5.49) No 7 Beautiful Skin Quick Thinking wipes (£7) L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream (free with Marie Claire) Models Own/Essie nail polish (each part of a set) 

Batiste Dry Shampoo 'Sassy & Daring Wild'
I have been using Batiste for years but have never really been a fan of the fragrance choices offered, that was until I tried the 'Sassy & Daring Wild' edition. Along with it's fabulous leopard print packaging, this sassy dry shampoo has a long lasting sultry scent that gives a sexy boost of freshness and volume to my hair.  

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
I gave a review on this earlier this month, read this post if you would like to have a look. This brush is perfect for liquid foundation, it blends so well and gives even coverage. The bristles are incredibly soft and gently buff product onto the skin. Real Techniques brushes can be purchased in Boots however I found this one for around £1 cheaper on Amazon

Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick by Kate Moss
After watching Vivianna's 'Top 5 Bold Lip Products' I decided I should take a risk and try a new shade for my lips. As you may or may not know I keep safe with simple peaches or pinks for my lips but I thought it was time for a change and to start wearing a colour better suited to this season. This lipstick is in shade '107' which is a vampy, blackcurrant like colour and I've really taken a liking to it. I haven't been able to wear it a great deal as it's slightly too bold for wearing around the office but I'm looking forward to wearing it on a night out. 

No 7  Beautiful Skin Quick Thinking face wipes
I've never actually purchased the No 7  Beautiful Skin Quick Thinking face wipes as I think £7 a pack is pretty ridiculous however with a trusty £5 No 7 voucher you can get them for a much more pleasing price of £2. Since I had managed to gather a whole bundle of vouchers I thought I'd stock up on a couple of packs as face wipes are always a necessity. The wipes themselves are really lovely and I would regularly buy them if they weren't so over priced. They leave my skin soft and cleansed, taking away all traces of make up and they smell really nice too.    

L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream
Last Christmas I bought my dear mother a L'Occitane gift set which included this particular hand cream and I have adored it ever since so I was thrilled to see it as a freebie with this month's Marie Claire. I know it's not going to last me because I can't seem to stop rubbing it on my hands! The cream leaves my hands so soft and nourished and doesn't have an over powering scent.

Models Own/Essie nail polish
I found these gems in TK Maxx last month, along with a few others, and these shades have been my favourites this season. They may not be your typical Autumn colours but they have all complimented my outfits of the past couple of months. My favourite of the three is definitely Essie's 'Geranium', this is a gorgeous red which lasts days on my nails without chipping! Shades 'Jade Stone' and  'Beth's Blue' are not fair off from being considered as pastel shades but I think that they are still wearable despite these dull days. 

Tamara x

Saturday, 13 October 2012

SheSaidBeauty October Box

CELLNIQUE Advanced Bio Renewal Masque
I have to agree with most reviews I've read, this sample is just too small, which is such a shame because I would have liked to have got more than one use out of it. I was quite off put  by this product on first instinct as it began to sting my skin when I applied it and I was unsure whether I could bare it but gradually my skin felt more comfortable. There were no instructions of how long to keep the mask on so I chose a safe 5 minutes after which my face felt incredibly cleansed and polished. 

B.LIV Off With Those Heads
I suffer from awful blackheads and find it really difficult to get rid of them so I was reassured to find this in this month's box but I was left pretty disappointed. Basically this product had no effect whatsoever on my skin so unfortunately there's not really much to say about it.

HERBACIN Wuta Kamile Hand Cream
Hand cream is not usually a necessity for me but I think it's time I take better care of my hands so I will be making use of this product. The cream has a thick consistency that I would consider to be more of a balm never the less my hands are left feeling moisturised and conditioned every time.

BIAO Beauty Rejuvenating Night Creme 
This is a gentle, soothing night cream perfect for applying before bed time, it's light on the skin and has a soft floral fragrance. The sample came as a sachet which hasn't lasted me at all, after a matter of days it is already empty, and despite how much I liked using it I probably wouldn't purchase the full product.    

KERASTRAIGHT Moisture and Protein Masks
Currently I'm trying out the Tresemme Smooth Keratin range so I've only had the chance to use one of these two hair masks. The moisture mask has a pleasant melon like smell and left my hair feeling soft and manageable. The only downside is that the one sachet wasn't enough for my long, thick hair so I probably didn't get the full effect of the product. I'm hoping that the protein mask will give just as good results as my hair doesn't seem to be at it's best right now.  

I think it is fair to say that not all of us are sensible when it comes to vitamins and with Autumn here and Winter on it's way vitamins are vital when keeping nasty colds and flu's at bay. I usually take Vitamin C with Zinc which I purchase from Holland and Barrett and I must say it has improved my immune system a great deal. In my box I received a pack of  MyVitamins Chromium tablets (30 tablets), honestly I have no idea what health benefits these have so I may need to do a little research before taking them.

Tamara x

Friday, 12 October 2012

17 Blow Out Mascara

17 Blow Out Mascara - £6.29

17 at Boots reveals new mascaras quite regularly which I think is fantastic as I am usually impressed with them, my favourite being Va Va Voom. The latest is Blow Out blackest black volumise sculpt tease mascara which claims to give lashes x12 more volume. I was instantly drawn to the chunky brush of the product, I'm not exactly a fan of thin plastic comb mascaras so I knew this one would work for me.

I have been using this product everyday since I bought it and so far I am satisfied however I'm not totally blown away by it. My lashes appear much more defined and lengthened to an extent but I honestly don't notice the 'x12 volume' at all, a bit of a let down since I expected much more from this new release. The product is definitely the blackest black giving my top lashes full impact but I have been using a different mascara for my bottom lashes, due to the brush being so large it's a little difficult to apply without smudging over my lower lash line.  

This is a good product although I wish I could say it was 'amazing'. It is long lasting and gives great definition to my lashes but I think the volume it claims to give is a little exaggerated. I will continue to use this mascara but unfortunatly it hasn't become my new favourite.

Tamara x

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Happy Birthday Beauty Blah Blah Blah!

Hello beautiful people,

It's hard to believe but today will mark a whole year since I began Beauty Blah Blah Blah! I have really enjoyed writing my blog and am so pleased with my increasing worldwide recognition. It's still early days for me, I haven't quite reached 100,000 page views and I don't have hundreds of followers but I am still eager to continue blogging and make Beauty Blah Blah Blah a success!

Of course I'd like to say a huge thank you to all my followers and everyone who has read and commented on my posts so far, you've all given such lovely feedback which has encouraged me to continue with my reviews.

If you didn't know already Beauty Blah Blah Blah is on Twitter, follow @Beauty_Blah and on Facebook.

Thanks so much again

Tamara x

Friday, 5 October 2012

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush - £8.99

The brush I currently use to apply my foundation is seeing it's last days, lately I've found the bristles to be losing their firmness which makes it a little frustrating when putting my face on. Fed up with bearing with the annoyance, I decided to purchase the Real Techniques Expert Face brush which I found on Amazon for a nifty £8.99. I haven't actually seen this brush before and I was initially intending to buy the buffing brush I have heard so much about but this brush is designed specifically for liquid foundation and I guess I was persuaded by the word 'expert'.

So far this brush is a HUGE improvement from my last! The brush is firm but doesn't aggravate the face as it has incredibly soft bristles which gently buff foundation evenly over the skin. I'm also finding that I'm using much less product with this brush, it spreads so well over my face and barely absorbs my foundation. I really don't know how I've done without it.

Tamara x