Friday, 7 September 2012

VOGUE Fashion's Night Out

Last night I went to the VOGUE Fashion's Night Out in central London and although the night was fashion influenced as a beauty blogger I did keep my focus on beauty througout the night, hunting for goodies and glaring over make up counters. Streets were buzzing with the fashion hungry and each store had it's own unique atmosphere. I sipped champagne in Zara, indulged in doughnuts at Gap and had a few cheeky cupcakes here and there. By the end of the evening I was completely cream crackered after endlessly dashing from store to store which would have seemed less of a mission if I hadn't worn heels! I decided to create brief post of my night with a few snaps...

I was with a couple of my close girlies and on our way to Bond Street we came across Condé  Nast which had an eager queue of people waiting outside, so of course we joined in to see what all the fuss was about. People were leaving with generously sized Vogue goodie bags which had been running out fast so unfortunatly I didn't get my hands on one (boo!). I did however purchase a copy of Glamour and a 'Vogue Fashion's Night Out' t-shirt which was slightly on the pricey side but I just HAD to have one and it also entitled me to an invitation to the 'Fashion Packed' event later this month.


A quick stop at Victorias Secret where we were treated to sparkly pink cupcakes and were totally wowed by the boudoir décor of the store. I was not at all expecting to see so much beauty in here!

Scented wrist ribbon which smells gorgeous mmm

Make-up artists found in Forever 21 creating the perfect red lip looks

Dance off at GAP, why not?

Delilah performing at Topshop Oxford Street

Obviously had to make a visit to the Barry M counter, nail polish galore 

Freebies and purchases of the evening, absolutly LOVE this t-shirt and the free popcorn was delishhh. 

Overall I had a fabulous night, not your average visit to London town, I was a little gutted not to have spotted any YouTube beauty gurus or bloggers while I was there but it was still a great experience. Bring on next year!

Tamara x