Saturday, 1 September 2012

TK Maxx Beauty Bargains

TK Maxx is always a treasure box for me when it comes to beauty bargains and I'm always telling my friends to go and rummage in their nearest branch because you're always guaranteed to find something. I have visited the store a couple of times this month and here are the cheap and cheerful products that I purchased. 

Toni & Guy Dark Brunette Shampoo - £6.99 £3.99
Toni & Guy Dark Brunette Conditioner - £6.99 £3.99

My regular shampoo and conditioner was running low so I thought I'd grab these to give them a try and they were cheap after all. I was glad to find both the shampoo and conditioner together as, if you know the chaos of TK Maxx beauty shelves as well as I do, you can never usually find things all in one place. Although these products are probably best for coloured hair I thought either way I'm still going to benefit from them and they did turn out to be rather good. 

The shampoo promises extra shine which I didn't really notice after use, my hair had about as much shine as any other shampoo would give. The product itself is dark like treacle and lathers fairly well when applied onto hair. The conditioner is a creamy chocolaty colour that looks could enough to eat and smells just as lovely, leaving my hair smooth and enriched with olive oil. One thing that did irritate me about these products was the ease of getting the shampoo/conditioner out through the pump of bottle, the hole was simply just too small so I resorted to unscrewing the pump and poured into my palms. The over all result was slightly above average, my hair was left tangle free and nourished but I wouldn't choose these two as my 'go to' for hair care.

Models Own polish trio - £15.99 £7.99

The particular TK Maxx branch I purchased this polish trio from had very few choices of colours and this set in particular caught my attention the most. The trio consists of shades (left to right) 'Thunder and Lightning', 'Hot Pink' and 'Peach Sherbet' which are all fabulous. I keep meaning to purchase the Models Own Hed Kandi range as I think the selection of polishes are perfect to wear on the rare occasions we have sun but for the meantime I've settled for these three. All three give faboulous colour but I did notice the varnish chips easily so wouldn't last days on your nails, which I guess isn't a big deal for me as I tend to change the colour of my nails regularly throughout an average week.  

'Thunder and Lightning' is a glitter based varnish and looks like the night sky in a bottle. Glitter based polishes are always a nightmare to remove but this wasn't at all that hard to take off unlike my past experiences with brands such as Barry M. When applying I was a little disappointed with how thin the product was, it took 3 coats until I was satisfied with the appearance of my nails but with the layer of the varnish so thick it gradually cracked and peeled off. 'Hot Pink' gives a dramatic pop of colour to my finger tips and looks great with a tan, I doubt I will wear this much during the Autumn/Winter time. Peach is a common colour I wear on my nails and the 'Peach Sherbet' is lovely and subtle, I only needed two coats to get the full impact of the shade.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick - £20.00 £3.99

I took a risk buying this lipstick, it had been sealed in plastic so I wasn't able to swatch it to see whether I liked the colour or not beforehand. The lipstick is in shade '06 Melon' and from what was displayed on the box it looked like it would be my perfect pinky yet peachy shade. With the fact it was so ridiculously reduced I thought even if I don't like it, it's no big loss so I went ahead and bought it.

When I finally had the chance to try it I was a bit gutted to find it wasn't what I had expected to be and had more of an orange tint to it. The pigment of the lipstick is very weak so I did need to apply it continuously until I got the right consistency on my lips. 

GHD Heat Protect Spray - £9.95 £4.99

Even though I have a heat protect spray that I absolutely love already I just couldn't ignore this one by GHD for under a fiver! It smells so gorgeous and leaves my hair with a smooth condition. My hair looks ultra shiny and sleek all day long. The spray is very lightweight and doesn't leave any sticky residue behind. I wouldn't definitly purchase this product again but only if I found it at a similar price.

Tamara x