Sunday, 23 September 2012

Models Own Hed Kandi

Recently I purchased this stunning Hed Kandi nail polish range by Models Own after months of deciding whether to invest in them or not. Models Own polishes generally aren't that cheap so I was glad to have got my hands on this collection in the Asos sale. Unfortunately we are heading into Autumn so I won't get much wear out of these colours as they are more suited to summer time, nevertheless I have given them all a go and this is what I thought of them...

Models Own Hed Kandi range - £20.00 £14.00 

I was keen to try shade 'Beach Party' after I noticed one of my favourite beauty bloggers Zoe wearing in it in a few of her YouTube videos. It's not a colour I would usually opt for out of choice but I wanted to try something different and unexpected. When I first saw this shade up close I was a little off put with how neon like it was and feared it would give me hideously florescent orange nails however once applied it wasn't at all that bad and I immediately took a liking to the colour. This shade is a very striking bright colour and would probably look better on those with tanned/olive or black skin tones. 

'Balearic Cool' is a swimming pool blue, again a very bright bold shade. Generally I don't wear blue on my nails especially turquoise or cyan I much prefer powder blues or sky blue as they compliment my skin tone better. The photo above shows how much paler my skin appears when wearing this particular polish and I'm really not impressed. Out of the five this probably has to be my most unfavourable colour however with a thin coat of 'Ibiza Mix' on top it is a lot more preferable. 

Gold is a tricky colour to wear on nails, it either looks tacky and yellow or just doesn't really compliment colours I'm wearing (outfit) the 'Disco Heaven' shade however, glistens with gold and blues/greens giving an edgy dazzle to my finger tips. The only issue is applying the polish as it is glitter based it's rather thin and takes a few coats to give the full impact of sparkle. This is definitely a shade to wear at a party so would be ideal for Christmas festivities and New Years. NOTE: A nightmare to remove!

I love 'Ibiza Mix' although it's not a polish I'd wear alone, it looks much better on top of a bold bright colour base coat. This shade contains flakes of gold, bronze, blue and purple giving a dazzling effect on the nails perfect for a evening pool party. Just like 'Disco Heaven' taking the product of is a real hassle so I wouldn't recommend applying multiple coats of this varnish as you'll be spending ages removing it afterwards. 

'Hedonist' is a vibrant, florescent redish pink which gives an instant pop of colour to the nails. As you can see it's a very bright and would probably be better suited to wear in the summer with a lovely tan. I found the polish to be rather thick and so I didn't need to go over with any extra coats. It's a shame we've entered Autumn, I've really taken to this colour but it just doesn't suit the A/W colours I've been wearing recently. 

Tamara x 

P.S I need a holiday :(