Saturday, 15 September 2012

Lady Gaga FAME

Lady Gaga Fame Eau de Parfum 50ml - £32.00

I'm very much in need of a new..or maybe a few new perfumes and I've been going on about it for weeks but perfumes don't exactly come cheap and so I haven't actually got round to purchasing any. Luckily my other half took notice of my 'needs' and surprised me with a little black box which happened to be the newly launched fragrance by Lady Gaga. Hurrah! FAME has a sultry musk yet floral sweetness to it; consisting of Belladona, Tiger Orchidea, apricot, saffron and honey. I have been wearing this throughout the day but I would probably consider this to be more of an evening/night fragrance, something to spritz on when getting ready for a date or a night with the girls. The product itself is black but won't stain your skin or clothes and the bottle has a very unique and edgy appearance, much like Gaga herself. 

After reading a couple of other reviews I can see why people expected this product to be something completely new and incomparable but overall I think this perfume does define Lady Gaga. It has a strong, bold exterior but inside is delicate and sweet. The one negative point I have to say is that I didn't find this perfume to be incredibly long lasting which is a shame although it won't discourage me to keep wearing it. 

Tamara x